How Did TIKTOK star Piko Preston Die? Cause of death Explained

According to a Facebook post by Piko Preston’s sister, the well-known TikTok artist passed away in August 2022 at the age of 43.

Who was the man behind the phone if the online artist had over a million fans on TikTok?

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How Did TIKTOK star Piko Preston Die?

Piko Preston, also known as Pikotrain5, was a well-known TikToker who passed away at the age of 43. On the video-sharing website, the author has amassed over 1 million followers and 13 million total likes for his funny and reactionary videos.

Jon “Piko” Preston, according to Lara Preston Neves’ Facebook post, has sadly gone away.

Piko Preston cause of death

Investigations into Piko Preston’s death are ongoing. Many people, the majority of whom are his supporters, are worried about his sudden and unexpected death, nevertheless.

Despite the fact that Preston passed away, his sister and other family posted about it on various social media platforms. According to the argument, his health condition may have been the real cause of death rather than other unforeseeable factors.

The insider claimed that he is a well-known TikTok celebrity who enjoys producing videos or other TikTok content.

In the hearts of his family, Preston will always be remembered as a devoted brother and son. On the TikTok platform, where we can still see his fantastic TikTok flicks, he used to receive a lot of likes and views.

Who was Piko Preston?

Piko, who is well-known for his comedic sketches, earned popularity by posting his amusing films, which received more than 13.1 million likes.

Preston, who went by the pseudonym @pikotrain5, promised in his bio to pass along his knowledge of L@L, or Laugh @ Life, to everyone who followed him.

The well-liked TikTok celebrity was well-known for incorporating popular sounds into his comedic sketches and bringing his contagious optimism to large numbers of viewers.

On November 2, 2019, they said their vows with the goal of remaining married forever. Sad to see Piko leave so soon. Additionally, he was married.

About the descendants of Piko Preston, nothing is currently known. He might not even have had children. At the time of his passing, Piko Preston’s estimated net worth was $2 million. He profited significantly from influencing both content and brands.

The 43-year-old Piko, whose true name was Jon Preston, passed away in August 2022.

Sister Lara expressed her condolences for her brother Jon Preston’s death

In a devastating Facebook message, Jon’s family announced his passing.

wonderful, energetic, wild, generous, funny, and much loved little brother

Sister Lara 

He was her “great, active, wild, generous, humorous, and dearly adored little brother,” according to sister Lara.

“Jon is the most giving person I have ever known,” she added. He offered everyone everything.

“You could always count on a good laugh if Jon was there.

He was the most entertaining uncle to my kids, and despite the distance between us, each of my girls feels a special bond with him.

He just started a TikTok account where his gorgeous grin, wicked sense of humour, and perfect comedic timing made his one million followers giggle every day.

Preston’s ex-wife made a beautiful tribute post

In a touching tribute post, Preston’s ex-wife shared a photo of them all together with their kids.

Tereza, also known as TNmamabear on TikTok, captioned the video as follows: “My ex-buddy partner’s and the father of my boys died abruptly. My heart is broken.

How Did TIKTOK star Piko Preston Die? Cause of death Explained
How Did TIKTOK star Piko Preston Die? Cause of death Explained

As a result of our divorce, “we had a rough relationship, but I always tried to make an effort to maintain a friendship, and I liked when he’d let it happen!”

He loved to make people laugh and had a big presence on tik tok. He loved adventure. He was a thrill seeker at heart

Added her: “We spent a lot of time together at this time last year. Everyone found it strange that I was spending so much time with him. But I said that I didn’t care for whatever reason. We required this time together, I knew. And I’ll always be appreciative.

“For my boys and his tiny girl, my heart aches! I hope they will be able to recall the enjoyable times they had with him!

“He was really prominent on tik tok and enjoyed making people laugh. He adored exploration. In his heart, he was an adventurer.

“I’m appreciative of the strength of forgiveness and the capacity for unconditional love.

“Put aside your emotions if you don’t get along with your ex and do it for your children!

“I’m relieved that he is no longer in pain. But wow, we have a great hole in our hearts now.”

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She declared: “Ride on, my friend; move forward. You are no longer in pain. I cherish you.”

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