How did Syrian actress Antoinette Najib die? Cause of death Explained

The Syrian artists’ union announced the death of Syrian artist “Antoinette Najib” on Wednesday, August 17, 2022.

How did Antoinette Najib die?

Antoinette Najib, 92, who has had health issues in recent years, appeared as a guest of honor in the film “Fik Ab.”

Antoinette Najib, the Syrian actress, died on August 17, 2022, at the age of 92, after a long battle with illness.

Antoinette Najib Cause of death

The Syrian society was shocked today by the death of the Syrian actress, Antoinette Najib, at the age of 91, with sources claiming that the cause of death was acute kidney failure.

And, in terms of the cause of death, the sources stated that the artist had health issues in the previous period, and she was also subjected to a dialysis session once a week and on a permanent basis.

Who was the Syrian actress Antoinette Najib?

Syrian actress Antoinette Najib was born in Daraa.

Her career began in 1968 when she joined the Syrian Actors Syndicate. Throughout her career, she appeared in several plays and excelled at playing the role of the loving mother. She also appeared in a number of stage and radio productions.

Career of Antoinette Najib

Antoinette Najeeb worked in cinema, appearing in two films in 1973: ‘Sheqqat Al Hob’ (Apartment for Love) and ‘Emra’a Ha’era’ (Confused Woman).

After that, Antoinette moved from the big screen to television, appearing in the series ‘Sah Al Nom’ that same year (Wake Up).

In 1995 and 1995, the Syrian actress appeared in a variety of TV productions, including ‘Al Khutuwat Al Sa’aba’ (Difficult Steps), ‘Kunna Asdiqa’ (We Were Friends), and ‘Ekhwa Al Turab’ (Dirt Siblings).

How did Syrian actress Antoinette Najib die? Cause of death Explained
How did Syrian actress Antoinette Najib die? Cause of death Explained

In addition to TV and film, Antoinette Najeeb performed in plays such as ‘Shaghlet Fineh,’ ‘Al Ashjar Tamut Waqifa,’ and ‘Sahra Maa Abu Khaleel Al Qabani.’

Who is Antoinette Najib’s husband?

Antoinette married artist Youssef Choueiri in 1962, who died in 2005.

Tributes to Antoinette Najib

The Syrian Artists Association announced the death of Antoinette Najib on their official Facebook page.

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On his Facebook page, Syrian director Muhammad Zuhair Rajab lamented her death, writing, “The beloved of all is gone, the kind and loving heart.”

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