How did Syed Amirul Islam die? Cause of death Explained

How did Syed Amirul Islam die? Cause of death Explained

Former Supreme Court Justice Syed Amirul Islam died on Wednesday at 11:45 a.m. while receiving treatment at a city hospital. He was 86.

Syed Amirul Islam passed away

Former Supreme Court Justice Syed Amirul Islam passed away at 11:45 a.m. today while being treated at a local hospital (7 September).

Amirul Islam’s death has shocked and saddened Chief Justice Hasan Foez Siddique.

Syed Amirul Islam Cause of death

The cause of death is due to receiving treatment in the hospital, He was seriously ill.

Syed Amirul Islam Cause of death

In an effort to learn more about the occurrence, Daily Info Express has made an effort to contact the family and close friends. There are currently no responses. This page will be updated when we get enough information. More information regardingSyed Amirul Islam’s cause of death will be released soon.

Who was Syed Amirul Islam?

Judge of the Bangladesh High Court, Syed Amirul Islam was a Bangladeshi attorney who lived from 1935 to 2022.

The career of Syed Amirul Islam

On September 1, 1965, Syed Amirul Islam applied to become a Dhaka High Court counsel. On March 13, 2013, the government selected him to serve as the state attorney for the Appellate Division’s war crimes tribunal.

Islam was chosen to serve as a judge on the Bangladesh High Court on February 7, 1994. Islam was replaced in the Bangladesh Supreme Court in 2003 by Justice M. A. Aziz. Islam had been replaced three times before. Concerns concerning Islam’s erasure were voiced by the Supreme Court Bar Association.

Islam visited Feni, Bangladesh, in 2003. According to court regulations, Md. Firoz Alam, the Feni district and sessions judge, was required to welcome Islam upon his arrival and aid him with lodging and other requirements.

Alam, however, failed to attend despite Islam’s repeated attempts to call him. Islam informed the High Court of this procedural violation, and in February 2019 the court punished Alam for his acts. 

Islam stepped down from the High Court in 2007. 2013 saw his appointment as the International Crimes Tribunal’s State Counsel.

Tributes to Syed Amirul Islam

Hasan Foez Siddique, the Chief Justice, expressed his profound shock and sorrow over Amirul Islam’s passing.

The Chief Justice expressed his sincere condolences to the grieving family and prayed for the departed person’s eternal rest in a message of condolence.

According to Mohammad Saifur Rahman, spokesman for the Supreme Court and registrar of the Appellate Division, the deceased’s namaz-e-janaza would be performed at the Supreme Court’s inner garden grounds following Asr prayers.

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