How Did ‘Street Outlaws’ Driver Ryan Fellows Die? Car crash and Cause of death explained

Ryan Fellows, the hero of STREET Outlaws: Fastest in America, was killed in a car accident on August 7, 2022.

How Did ‘Street Outlaws’ Driver Ryan Fellows Die?

A representative for the network confirmed to TMZ on Monday that Ryan Fellows, a driver and the star of the Discovery series Street Outlaws: Fastest in America, perished in connection with a car accident that occurred while the show was being filmed (August 8).

According to TMZ, Fellows was filming the Discovery show south of Las Vegas, Nevada, when the accident happened.

The outlet was informed by a source that Fellows’ automobile caught fire as he lost control of it close to the finish line.

The family of Ryan Fellows has established a GoFundMe page that reads: “Last night, Ryan Fellows (41) was killed in an automobile accident.

Who was Ryan Fellows?

“In addition to his love of basketball, cars, and business in sales and advertising, Ryan was an enthusiastic vehicle enthusiast and a “road warrior” in many other areas.

“He was admired for his perseverance and unwavering commitment to overcoming the obstacles in his path.

“His family, which included his wife Liz, kids Josiah (18) and Olivia, was the only thing he loved more than these endeavours and successes (10).

“After losing the heart and soul of their precious family, the family will require assistance in navigating the subsequent stages of grieving and daily life.

Ryan Fellows cause of death

Near the finish line, Fellows, who was operating a gold Nissan 240Z, apparently lost control, causing his vehicle to flip and catch fire.

Filming ended after the collision because onlookers were unable to determine whether Fellows had exited the car on time.

Discovery spokesperson statement about Driver Ryan Fellows death

How Did 'Street Outlaws' Driver Ryan Fellows Die? Car crash and Cause of death explained
How Did ‘Street Outlaws’ Driver Ryan Fellows Die? Car crash and Cause of death explained

According to a spokeswoman for Discovery, “The incident that tragically resulted in Ryan Fellows’ death has left the Street Outlaws family inconsolable.

“We offer Ryan’s loved ones our sincere condolences as they cope with this unexpected and tragic loss.

Stars of the TV show Street Outlaws Jonathan “JJ Da Boss” and his wife Tricia Day were hurt in a car accident earlier this year while they were filming the show, according to TMZ.

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A person with knowledge of the incident informed TMZ that the couple was hurt in a crash while filming the street racing show while operating separate automobiles.

After having both of her hips operated on, Tricia Day was discharged from the hospital in January.

After sustaining burns to his hands and face, Jonathan Day eventually recovered and appeared in a May episode of the programme.

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