How Did Slovenian national team runner Hana Mazi Jamnik Die? Roller skiing accident & Cause of death explained

Hana Mazi Jamnik, a 19-year-old member of the Slovenian ski team, passed away on Thursday after being struck by a truck while at a preseason training camp in Norway.

How Did Slovenian national team runner Hana Mazi Jamnik Die?

A terrible catastrophe rocks the cross-country skiing community. Hana Mazi Jamnik, a young cross-country skier from Slovenia, was just 19 years old when she tragically lost her life in an accident in Norway this morning when she was practising with the national team.

Jamnik was a member of the Slovenian A squad for the first time at the beginning of the season, which culminates with the Planica World Cup, which is presently taking place in a training camp in Norway, the country of the new head coach Ola Vigen Hattestad.

Skier Hana Mazi Jamnik Cause of death

The young woman was involved in an automobile accident and hit by a van or small truck when she was training on roller skis in Jrpeland, according to reports from Norwegian and Slovenian media. The circumstances of the accident were not reported on the official website of the Slovenian federation.

A 19-year-old woman died after she was involved in an accident with a truck when she was roller-skiing south of Jørpeland today

 police attorney Sveinung Andersen.

Jamnik was killed by a lorry in the tunnel on Thursday morning while practising on roller skis close to Jörpeland.

The teenage skier was flown to a hospital in Stavanger by helicopter, but medical staff was unable to save his life. According to Norwegian media, the truck driver entered a not-guilty plea to the collision.

Lawyer Anne Kroken statement about Hana Mazi Jamnik death

On Thursday, the Rogaland region’s emergency services responded to a report of a traffic accident in the Botshei tunnel, which is situated between Forsand and Jrpeland.

Legal aid attorney Anne Kroken, who represents the bereaved, told Aftenbladet that she had spoken with a representative for the next of kin.

It is an absolutely terrible accident that is terrible for all those involved. My job is to assist the next of kin


Truck driver lawyer Sigurd Rønningen statement

The accident, which occurred at the Botsheitunnelen near Jorpeland in Rogaland, involved a lorry. The truck’s driver has been accused in the incident. The man’s driver’s licence has been seized, and the police have routinely drawn blood from him.

The truck driver did not enter a plea of guilty, according to the man’s defence attorney, Sigurd Rnningen, who spoke to Stavanger Aftenblad.

  • He doesn’t enter a guilty plea. According to my client, this was a horrible accident. Rnningen claims that although he is in anguish, he thinks most of the woman who died and not least of those who were left behind.

Who was Hana Mazi Jamnik?

Hana Mazi Jamnik, one of Slovenia’s greatest cross-country skiing prospects, made waves at the World Rollerski Championships in Val di Fiemme a year ago, taking home gold and silver in the junior division. She also achieved two podium finishes in the OPA Cup Junior during the previous campaign, taking first place in Goms and third place in Val Formazza.

In the season that will end with the World Cup in Planica, the Slovenian Federation only this year made the decision to place a decisive wager on her, including her for the first time in team A. The young lady had only been the star of some excellent performances at the Blinkfestivalen over the previous weekend. Sadly, there was a significant accident today.

Hana Mazi Jamnik career records

Jamnik won the 10 km free technique roller skiing race in September of last year and finished second in the 13 km classic race. Jamnik would have turned 20 years old on Friday.

This is incredibly tragic and our thoughts go out to the family, her loved ones and the environment around them

 cross-country manager Espen Bjervig

The Slovenian Federation and the family of the young athlete are now surrounded by the cross-country skiing community as a whole, which is in shock over this terrible event.

Coach Ola Vigen Hattestad statement about Hana Mazi Jamnik loss

The Slovenian national team is coached by Ola Vigen Hattestad.

He wants to wait before speaking further about the situation.

Hattestad is the most successful male cross-country sprinter of all time. He has won numerous world cups and earned medals in the Olympics, World Championships, and National Championships.

He stopped competing as an athlete in 2018 and started coaching. He travelled to Slovenia in May while coaching the women’s national team of Norway.

The Slovenian national team is in charge of monitoring the remaining members of the training group, according to police attorney Anne Mette Dale.

A crisis team must have been presented to them.

In order to learn more about what has occurred and what will happen next, I have requested a meeting with the police for tomorrow, according to assistant prosecutor Anne Kroken.

Tribute to Hana Mazi Jamnik

Arne Idland is sports and press manager forblink festivals- one of the last competitions the 19-year-old participated in.

How Did Slovenian national team runner Hana Mazi Jamnik Die? Roller skiing accident & Cause of death explained
How Did Slovenian national team runner Hana Mazi Jamnik Die? Roller skiing accident & Cause of death explained

According to what NRK learns, the group from the Slovenian national team was still in Norway after they took part in the roller skiing festival, as recently as 6 August.

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Idland is affected by the news of Jamnik’s passing. Even Idland’s daughter roller skis. Jamnik and she are the same age, so he feels the impact of what has happened particularly strongly.

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