How did Shanquella Robinson die? What happened to her in Mexico? Everything we know so far

How did Shanquella Robinson die? What happened to her in Mexico? Everything we know so far

According to video evidence, Shanquella Robinson, 25, was attacked alone in the bedroom while on vacation with her friends in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, and was beaten to death. In this article we have shared the full infomation about what happened to Shanquella Robinson? and what was her cause of death.

What happened to Shanquella Robinson?

In a Mexican mansion, Shanquella Robinson, a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, was brutally murdered by her companion.

According to BET, some of her acquaintances, however, asserted that she passed away from alcohol poisoning.

According to the report, she was a member of a group that travelled from Charlotte to Cabo on October 28 to celebrate a friend’s birthday by renting a villa.

What did Shanquella Robinson’s mother said?

Reporters have been told by Shanquella Robinson’s mother, Salamondra Robinson, that she last spoke to her daughter while she was dining with her friends in Cabo and shortly after she had arrived.

Despite their agreement to speak the next day, Salamondra only ever received a call from one of her friends informing her that Shanquella was ill and that they were awaiting a doctor’s arrival.

She wasn’t feeling well, they claimed. She was poisoned by booze, Salamondra told the news broadcaster. They were unable to find a pulse. Everyone who was with her at the time told her various tales.

Later, Salamondra got a call from one of the friends she was vacationing with informing her that her daughter had passed away from food poisoning.

Salamondra said, “No one told the same story, so I never believed them anyhow.

Shanquella Robinson cause of death

The cause of death for Shanquella Robinson, according to the death certificate acquired by Channel 9, was a serious spinal cord injury and an Atlas subluxation complex. On the death certificate, there is no mention of alcohol.

According to the document, there are 15 minutes on average between an injury and mortality. The signee checked the box inquiring if the death was violent or unintentional and wrote “yes.” Shanquella Robinson was discovered unconscious in the living room, according to her death certificate.

A video of a woman assaulting Shanquella Robinson surfaced on Wednesday. Sallamondra Robinson, the victim’s mother, recognised the individuals in the video as the friends her daughter travelled to Cabo with.

Sallamondra Robinson thinks the video was shot during the trip to Cabo, despite the fact that its original source is unknown. The question of whether Shanquella Robinson “could at least fight back” is asked in the video.

Everything we know so far on Shanquella Robinson murder

Some information from an investigation was made public by the state attorney general’s office in Mexico on Wednesday night.

On October 29, at around 6:15 p.m., a woman was found dead in a room near the Fundadores Beach Club. A “public security member” informed the state attorney general’s office about the incident.

According to the state attorney general’s office in Mexico, agents arrived at the scene to conduct an investigation.

Authorities stated that additional evidence is being gathered as part of their ongoing investigation.

They made no additional information public.

“There was no fighting. Sallamondra Robinson claimed, “She didn’t fight. She was attacked.

Channel 9 dialled each of Shanquella Robinson’s travelling companions’ respective phone numbers. As they have not yet been accused with a crime, Channel 9 is not identifying the people at this time.

There are four disconnected phone numbers listed for Shanquella Robinson’s pals. Voicemail was left for two numbers. These two phone numbers did not respond to a text message.

Channel 9 visited the Charlotte homes of two of Shanquella Robinson’s friends in an effort to get in touch with them. Nobody responded. An officer from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department was in front of the homes on Wednesday morning, a neighbour told Channel 9.

A police report number for the call to the friend’s address was given to WSOC-TV by the Records Division of the CMPD, but the report won’t be available for 24 hours, according to the records division.

Because the fatality took place in Mexico, CMPD is not taking part in the inquiry, according to a spokeswoman. The spokeswoman stated that they would not offer information without a police report number in response to the question of why a police officer was in front of the friend’s house this morning.

The spokesperson said that the report has not yet been written when given the police report number.

Although there haven’t been many answers in this case, Bernard Robinson isn’t discouraged.

Full report from Shanquella Robinson’s mother, Salamondra Robinson statement

By God’s grace, I believe I will discover the truth about this. God won’t let us down. It will eventually surface, he assured. “I won’t give up. I have every confidence that I will experience mental tranquilly.

Sallamondra Robinson claimed her daughter was a successful business owner who worked hard.

She recalls the last time she saw her daughter joyfully discussing her upcoming trip to Cabo.

The mother added, “I glanced through some of her posts that she had put up.” She was obviously enjoying herself, so I’m not sure what happened after that.

Sallamondra Robinson claimed that on October 28th, she had her daughter on the phone for the last time.

She received a panicked call from her daughter’s friends the following day.

Sallamondra Robinson reported that “they stated she wasn’t feeling good.” That alcohol poisoning was the cause.

Sallamondra Robinson seeks justice for her daughter and has further concerns.

She claimed that the youngster “did not deserve to be tortured like that; she was a wonderful girl and had a great heart.”

Sallamondra Robinson reported having conversations with the FBI, CMPD, and Mexican investigators.

An official from the U.S. State Department confirmed that a citizen of the United States passed away in Mexico during Shanquella Robinson’s trip, but they would not elaborate out of respect for the family and privacy.

Shanquella Robinson’s funeral

No one has been indicted for any offences connected to the incident.

The funeral for Shanquella Robinson will take place on Saturday, Nov.

The funeral will take place at Macedonia Baptist Church, 1300 Hatteras Ave. in Charlotte, after the wake from 11 a.m. to noon. It is accessible to everyone.

Tribute to Shanquella Robinson

Lindsey Briggs said,

I believe in that very moment while #shanquellarobinson was helplessly beaten and her other “friends” recorded. She thought back to instances (big or small) that were signs she shouldn’t have went on the trip. She wasn’t safe. And it was too late.

Sibusisekile said,

RIP Shanquella Robinson 🕊️ people are really evil 💔it scares me fr.

La Mia said,

Except that she didn’t fall off of any roofs. It’s certain that any company wouldn’t want to employ someone with no character who clearly participated in murder. Shanquella Robinson didn’t die because she fell. She died because she was beaten. Asinine = your imaginary scenario.


#shanquellarobinson’s death is a stark reminder of humanity is lost. No one deserves something like that … especially from people we think are our friends and loved ones.

Jireh “LockSmith” Edwards said,

Prayers For Shanquella Robinson and Her Family. You Hate To Hear Stories Like This. I Pray The Family Receive Justice.

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