How did Russian actor Nikolai Lebedev die? Cause of death Explained

The oldest performer in the Moscow City Council Theatre and a soldier of the Great Patriotic War, Nikolai Sergeevich Lebedev, passed away today in Moscow at the age of 101. The press office for the cultural organization reported this.

Nikolai Lebedev death

A veteran of the Great Patriotic War and the Mossovet Theatre’s oldest actor, Nikolai Lebedev passed away at the age of 101.

According to the press office of the theatre, TASS reported this. Lebedev has contributed to more than 40 films, including “Crew,” “Star of Captivating Happiness,” “Liberation,” and “Eternal Call.”

Nikolai Lebedev Cause of death

The cause of death is still not known.

Nikolai Lebedev, a Mossovet Theater performer and the People’s Artist of Russia, has passed away.

“The Moscow City Council Theater regrets to announce that in his 101st year, Nikolai Sergeevich Lebedev, a great, complex, and without exaggeration, heroic fate, passed away,” reads the obituary posted in the official group of the theatre on the social media platform VKontakte. Nikolai Sergeevich Lebedev was a People’s Artist of Russia and a veteran of the Great Patriotic War.

Who was Nikolai Lebedev?

Lebedev was born in Moscow on December 15, 1921. He started acting at the Moscow Youth Theater in 1939, and in April 1941, he found himself on the front line, where he suffered a concussion and was captured by the Germans.

Lebedev attempted three failed escapes and spent time in six detention camps. After the war, he received his diploma from the Nemirovich-Danchenko School of the Moscow Art Theater. Lebedev has worked as a theatre performer since 1950. Council of Moscow.

Early life and career of Nikolai Lebedev

On December 15, 1921, Nikolai Sergeyevich Lebedev was born. In April 1941, he received a call from the Red Army. participated in the Great Patriotic War from its beginning. Machine gunner, private During the Battle of Uman in July-August 1941, was injured and captured. SMERSH was tested after being liberated from captivity and then released.

He performed at the Moscow Theater of the Young Spectator for two years following the war before combining his education with his work to enroll in the Moscow Art Theatre School.

Nikolai Lebedev received his diploma from the Moscow Art Theater School in 1950 (Viktor Stanitsyn’s program). He couldn’t be transferred to the Moscow Art Theater despite their best efforts due to the fact that Nikolai Sergeevich, in his biography, was a prisoner.

Yuri Zavadsky saw Nikolai Lebedev and took it to the Mossovet Theater. Nikolai Sergeevich has performed on this theater’s stage for more than 60 years.

Personal life and death of Nikolai Lebedev

Anna Georgievna Kasenkina, Lebedev’s wife, was also an actress. They spent more than 50 years living together. Nikolai Sergeyevich, Anna Georgievna’s son from her first marriage, was raised as a local; they didn’t have any children together.

He moved in with his son and his wife when his spouse passed away. Lebedev passed away on August 21, 2022, having turned 100 in December 2021.

filmography of Nikolai Lebedev

Liberation (1971) as Stepan Krasovsky Eternal Call (1973) as Mitrofan Savelyev Earth and Sky Adventures (1974) as General Designer ormandie-Niemen (1959) as Colonel Sinitsyn[9] Yevdokiya (1961) as Yevdokim Silence (1963) as episode

An episode of Air Crew (1980) from The Captivating Star of Happiness (1975), played by a professor of medicine
Vagrant Bus (1989) as episode King Lear (2006) as doctor We Accuse (1985) as Dwight D. Eisenhower (film-performance)

Tributes to Nikolai Lebedev

How did Russian actor Nikolai Lebedev die? Cause of death Explained
How did Russian actor Nikolai Lebedev die? Cause of death Explained

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Nikolai Sergeevich Lebedev firmly entered the theater’s repertoire, becoming one of the troupe’s leading actors because of his powerful inner core, brilliant personality, good exterior data, wealth of life experience, and enormous creative talent.

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