How did Roslyn Singleton die? ‘America’s Got Talent’ and ‘Ellen’ show star cause of death Explained

How did Roslyn Singleton die? 'America's Got Talent' and 'Ellen' show star cause of death Explained

Following a battle with brain cancer, Roslyn Singleton, best known for her appearances on “America’s Got Talent” and “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” has passed away. Let’s see in detail about how did she die? and what was Roslyn cause of death.

How did Roslyn Singleton die?

Ray, Roslyn’s husband, said she recently “earned her wings” and that she passed away on Wednesday. “Peacefully sleeping right at home where she wanted to be,” he claims she passed away.

Our wife earned her wings yesterday while peacefully sleeping right at home where she wanted to be.
This road ahead is going to be INCREDIBLY long & difficult! She taught us all SOMETHING…She’s where we’re all trying to get one day so no need to be sad! Now we celebrate her legacy, her impact, her story & HER SPIRIT!

Roslyn Singleton cause of death

It is very evident that Roslyn Singleton’s death was caused by the rare disease glioblastoma. In 2013, the outspoken former Navy officer had to fight cancer. When she was identified with brain cancer in 2013, it was in stage three. Before she met her wonderful husband Ray Singleton, she travelled a long way.

For the Singleton family and friends, who adored Roslyn with all of their hearts, it was a truly wonderful bit of terrible news. She never failed to maintain her upbeat outlook on life till she passed away. Her devoted husband broke the news of Roslyn’s passing with much sorrow.

Cancer is a tough foe and can have a negative impact on their peaceful life.

After the operation, Roslyn Singleton finally returned to her regular routine, requiring annual scans, medication, and a clear bill of health six years later. But after a long absence, disease came again, and she was once more given the diagnosis of brain cancer.

Who was Roslyn Singleton?

About two years ago, Ray shared a video of himself singing to Roslyn before her brain cancer surgery, which is when Roslyn initially became famous online.

She later made an appearance on Ellen’s show in 2020, informing the talk show host that she had been battling cancer since 2013, and that she had been in remission for six years when a second brain tumour was found.

The following year, Ray went on to try out for “AGT,” and when Roslyn joined him on stage to share their story, it brought the audience to their feet. The judges heard her say that she had “never heard [Ray] sing so well.”

Roslyn and Ray’s love story was further highlighted when it was included in the docuseries “Black Love” earlier this year.

Roslyn interview about her cancer

The North Carolina Navy veteran was initially identified in 2013 with an orange-sized tumour. When a second brain tumour was discovered in her, she had been in remission for six years.

Veteran of the Navy Roslyn spoke candidly about her cancer diagnosis in a prior interview with Novant Health.

The Singletons made an appearance in the OWN network’s “Black Love” docuseries this year, which features love tales from the Black community.

She said, “God always sends the proper individuals just right in front of me to make things a bit easier whenever there’s something going on in my life.

Added she, “I am aware of the might of God. I tell him all the time, “Prove them wrong, prove them wrong.””

On social media, the couple had been chronicling Roslyn’s cancer journey; earlier this week, Ray uploaded an audio tape of his wife speaking to the world about her battle. The video’s description read, “WE LOVE YOU ALL WITH ALL OUR HEART… keeping watch over the MIRACLE.”

Roslyn Singleton battle with cancer from 2013

Roslyn Singleton, a former US Navy veteran, received excellent support from the members of her cancer treatment team as she bravely battled the disease. Roslyn was identified as having the severe brain malignancy glioblastoma. The cancer progressed widely despite enduring four major surgery and numerous rounds of radiation and chemotherapy.

Roslyn Singleton went to the doctor when she was experiencing severe headaches and visual problems. She had a tumour in her brain the size of an orange, the doctor revealed following the diagnosis. Her life was severely impacted by the MRI report.

However, following the diagnosis, Ros Singleton made the terrifying decision to have a major operation to remove the tumour. But she made the decision to press forward because of her positive outlook, and the tumour was surgically removed and found to be cancer-free and symptom-free.

Roslyn received the news that she had a less severe form of brain cancer at the age of 31. She consequently underwent surgery and a great deal of radiation after the diagnosis, something a typical human body could never tolerate. She was aware, however, that her cancer could not be treated and would eventually return. The orange-sized tumour was thus removed following her big operation, but she would still need to monitor her health going forward.

In October 2019, six years after the surgery, she was once more diagnosed with a second tumour. She was absolutely heartbroken and underwent multiple scans, tests, and doctor visits. However, the tumour was discovered in the same location as the original tumour. Roslyn was forced to sleep with a device that could detect any type of seizure after things started to get pretty dull.

But the strong character she was born with enabled her to overcome every obstacle life threw in her way. Her beloved husband Ray Singleton serenading her to sleep was truly mind-blowing.

She once remarked, while in constant pain and exhausted all the time, “God always puts the proper individuals just in front of me to make it a little easier anytime something is going on in my life.” According to studies, just 5% of persons with glioblastoma have a five-year survival rate. She had this rare kind of brain cancer. However, Roslyn Singleton and her husband had faith that they could beat the odds and maintain their courage to battle.

Tribute to Roslyn

Kings Daughter tweeted,

Chileeeeeeeeeee spent some time in the #RosSingleton bunny hole after realizing that they were the couple from @blacklovedoc and I just wanna say JOB WELL DONE 👏🏾 to Ray & Ros 🤧💕💯☝🏽🤞🏽👑 #roslynsingleton

Alexandra Halaby said,

Roslyn Singleton was brave and such a light! I loved her. Grateful to her husband, Ray Singleton, who brought her message of grace and courage to the world.

CyberChick said,

RIP, RoslynSingleton of America’s Got Talent dies at 39 from brain cancer.

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