How Did Roger Sexton Die? ‘Survivor: The Amazon’ Contestant Cause of Death Explained.

How did Roger Sexton die? ‘Survivor: The Amazon’ Contestant cause of death Explained.
How did Roger Sexton die? ‘Survivor: The Amazon’ Contestant cause of death Explained.

Roger Sexton, Survivor: The Amazon’ Contestant died at the age of 76. Let’s see more about his cause of death.

How Did Roger Sexton Die?

Survivor: The Amazon contestant Roger Sexton passed away on October 26 at the age of 76 due to Lewy Body Dementia, according to his family. In Walla Walla, Washington, he passed away at the residence of his daughter and son-in-law.

Roger Sexton Cause Of Death

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Who Was Roger?

Sexton, a retired Marine and combat veteran of the Vietnam War, appeared in Season 6 of the show. Sexton rapidly established himself as the dominant male among his group of males, the Tambaqui tribe. He was given credit for organising the building of the group’s shelter.

Sexton’s abrupt demeanour turned off some of the younger contestants, so it wasn’t a peaceful stay for him. He was the seventh person to leave the game overall and the first member of the combined Jacaré tribe to be eliminated by vote.

Roger’s Character

According to Roger’s obituary, “Confidence, discipline, and will to succeed were all key components of his character. However, the other, more difficult facets of his personality ultimately won out, resulting in his eventual defeat [on Survivor], but they left behind enduring memories of the aggravating force that was Roger.

In an Instagram post from November 9 about Sexton’s passing, season six champion Jenna Morasca wrote, “Despite the difficulties we had in the game we are & always will be a family.”

Roger’s Life

According to his obituary, Sexton was born in Oakland, California, and served in the US Marine Corps from 1966 to 1967. He later worked at Tutor Perini Construction, a significant American construction company, as a senior estimator and vice president. Sexton enjoyed spending time outside while he wasn’t working.

The obituary continued, “His constant drive and amazing physicality allowed him a lifelong pursuit of his love for helicopter skiing in the Ruby Mountains, backpacking in the high country of the Sierra Nevada’s, skiing the powdered bowls of California, Utah, Idaho, Montana, and Colorado, and riding the dusty trails of Southern California on his mountain bike.

His Marriage Life

In 1968, Sexton wed Diane Rodrick, according to the obituary. The 54-year-old couple had two daughters: Amy and Heather, who passed away from viral pneumonia in 1992 at the age of 16.

But Roger’s love for Heather extended to his love for his grandkids, Drew and Hadley, keeping her memory alive through them and making him their lovable Be Pa, according to the obituary. As Be Pa used to say, “See you later, alligator, in a while, crocodile, don’t let the moles slow you down,” we bid you farewell in affection.

His wife, daughter, grandchildren, sisters Pamela Mills and Patricia Markowitz, as well as “many friends, cousins, aunts and nephews,” survive Sexton.

His Memorial

This Spring, a memorial service will be held at the Walla Walla home of the Sexton family.

Tribute To Roger

Mike Bloom tweeted,

Just found out that Roger Sexton passed away after a battle with dementia. Though I hardly agreed on any of his views, he was a unique character and an essential part of one of my favorite #Survivor seasons. Rest In Peace, tonight’s long distance dedication is for you

SurvivorQuotesX tweeted,

We are very saddened to hear the news about the passing of Roger Sexton from Survivor: Amazon. May he rest in eternal peace. 💝

Benwaterworth tweeted,

Sad to hear that Roger Sexton has passed away. Always remember his great interview I did with him back in the #SurvivorOz days and the “fun” it caused with the cast afterwards. Vale to a memorable #Survivor player

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