How did Raymond Blanco die? Football coach & Husband of Gov. Kathleen Blanco cause of death Explained

How did Raymond Blanco die? Football coach & Husband of Gov. Kathleen Blanco cause of death Explained

Former First Gentleman of Louisiana and veteran UL administrator Raymond “Coach” Blanco passed away. He was 87. In this article we have shared how did he die? and what was Raymond Blanco cause of death.

How did Raymond “Coach” Blanco die?

Raymond Blanco, a football coach, dean of students, and an unstoppable force of nature, passed away on Saturday in Lafayette, according to his family. Blanco was most known for serving as the First Gentleman of Louisiana while his wife, Kathleen, was governor.

He was 87 years old and his health had been deteriorating.

Raymond Blanco cause of death

His Death cause has not yet been made public.

In order to get feedback on the occurrence, Daily Info Express is attempting to contact family and relatives. Still no response. Once we get enough data, we will update the page. Soon, further details regarding Raymond Blanco’s cause of death will be added.

Who was Raymond Blanco?

Coach has six children with former governor Kathleen Babineaux Blanco, who passed away in 2019. They were married for more than 55 years.

As of this writing, Kathleen Blanco is the only female governor of a state. In the 1960s, Coach began his coaching career at what was then known as the University of Southwestern Louisiana as a football coach after becoming well-known as the head football coach at New Iberia Catholic High. When he was appointed Dean of Men in 1969, he then transitioned into the administration. He retired in 2009 after serving in the school’s administration for several years.

He played a significant role in his wife’s political career, which she began as a state senator, becoming the first woman to hold the position from Lafayette. He was a well-known political strategist. She was the first woman to be elected to Louisiana’s Public Service Commission at the time, and she served as the board’s first female chair throughout her tenure. She was elected as the state’s governor and served in that capacity during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

2019 saw the induction of Coach Blanco into the Louisiana Political Hall of Fame.

In the 1970s, he was the one who hired “T-Joe” Savoie, the current president of UL.

He made the following comments when he retired in 2009:

“I have observed the progression of student life on campus from integration through student demonstrations of the war to the current era of rapid communication during my 46-year career at the university,” said Blanco. “However, one thing that hasn’t changed is that children still want to be respected and feel like someone cares about them. Because we listened, talked, and genuinely cared about kids, we were able to get through challenging times.

His wife Kathleen died after a long battle with cancer

But he would also always be associated with his wife Kathleen, the only female governor of Louisiana. She served from 2004 to 2008 until passing away in 2019 following a protracted cancer struggle.

They were wed for 54 years and had 6 kids together.

“Coach” guided his wife’s political career, and in 2019 his acumen in the field earned him admission to the Louisiana Political Hall of Fame.

Kathleen Blanco stated to USA Today Network just before her passing that her husband “was always my biggest cheerleader.”

We had a great time together, she remarked.

Blanco career

In 1963, Raymond S. “Coach” Blanco became a member of the football coaching staff. He served as dean of men, dean of student personnel, and dean of students from 1969 and 1974. After that, he was appointed vice president for student affairs, where he remained until his retirement in 2009.

UL President Joseph Savoie Expressed his condolences

Joseph Savoie, who is currently the president of UL, was actually hired by Blanco in 1978 as an assistant dean of student personnel.

UL Lafayette’s president, Dr. Joseph Savoie, was initially employed by Blanco as an assistant dean of student personnel in 1978. His assertion is as follows:

Coach Blanco once referred to his pupils as some of his dearest friends, and none of our students have ever had a fiercer ally than Raymond Blanco.

His commitment to student success and his commitment to social justice left behind a legacy that is now firmly entrenched in the ethos of our university.

Coach frequently emphasised to those of us who worked for and with him that it was our moral responsibility to listen to students and address their problems in a fair and considerate manner.

There are countless tales about his extravagant excitement and antics, but there are just as many about his calm mentoring and guiding. He sat with students in dorm rooms, locker rooms, his living room, and kitchen and just listened.

He cared for them as if they were his own and provided advice based on a clear understanding of right and wrong. He related to the pupils as unique people who required respect and consideration. He heard them with his heart as much as his ears.

We may legitimately claim to be following Raymond Blanco’s lead if we are a university that promotes communication and understanding, places a high value on student achievement and safety, and incorporates compassion and caring into all we do.

We extend our sympathies to Karmen, Pilar, Monique, Nicole, Ray, and their families on behalf of the whole University community.

Tribute to Raymond “Coach” Blanco

Greg Hilburn said,

‘Coach’ actually hired current

@ULLafayette President Joseph Savoie in 1978 as an asst. dean of students. ‘Our students never had a better friend, or fiercer advocate, than Raymond Blanco,’ Savoie said. #lagov

Covid19ParticipationTrophyWinner said,

Condolences to the family of Gov. Kathleen Babineaux Blanco on the passing of her husband, Coach Raymond Blanco.

Robert Mann said,

Raymond Blanco was one of the most interesting people I ever knew. He drove me crazy, but he was also wicked smart, funny as hell, boisterous, gentle, & wise. And he loved Kathleen with every fiber of his being. I loved the guy. Here’s some of what I wrote about him in my memoir.

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