How did Patrick Philbin aka Pat From Moonachie die? Competitive eater cause of death Explained

How did Patrick Philbin aka Pat From Moonachie die? Competitive eater cause of death Explained

59-year-old legendary competitive eater reportedly passed away. In this article we will see in detail about How did he die?, what happened to him? and what was Patrick Philbin cause of death?.

How did Patrick Philbin die?

As “Pat from the Moonachie,” Philbin has struggled with health concerns, including having a limb amputated recently.

Anonymemphis.eth confirmed the passing of Patrick Philbin on their twitter account. The message reads,

Moonachie is a city in New Jersey.

Patrick Philbin was a competitive eater who frequently appeared on Opie & Anthony back in the day.

He loved to make others laugh, and struggled with his health in the recent years due to diabetes.

He passed away today at the age of 59.


Patrick Philbin, a competitive eater popularly known as “Pat from Moonachie,” has passed away. Age-wise, he was 59.

On Twitter, former host Anthony Cumia first announced Philbin’s passing.

Cumia told TMZ, “Pat was a character. “amusing as all get out. He was also a sincere nice guy. He contributed significantly to the O&A show over the years. Pat, RIP.”

Philbin’s cause of death

At this moment, no cause of Philbin’s death has been disclosed.

I’m in hydrotherapy to keep my one remaining leg..

Pat from Moonachie

Philbin disclosed two weeks ago that he was receiving hydrotherapy in an effort to protect his “one remaining limb.”

Who was Patrick Philbin?

From 1995 through 2014, Philbin frequently listened to the “Opie & Anthony” radio show.

2009’s Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest saw Philbin finish in second place.

According to TMZ, Philbin gained notoriety for partaking in a drinking challenge that involved 75 shots of eggnog.

Tribute to Philbin

Whitney Westmorland said,

I’ll never forget the “and I have deliberately left my son Patrick Philbin out of my will so he has no inheritance” Cold as ice, Pops and you weren’t even right about him. It was your other son that robbed you and conned you. Life can blow.

Scott Vito said,

RIP to the great Patrick Philbin, aka Pat From Moonachie. Hilarious dude.

William F. Buckwheat said,

I’m not even being facetious, Patrick Philbin added more comedic value to the Opie & Anthony show, than Opie.

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