How Did Ophthalmologist Francesc Gras Salas Die? Cause of death Explained

Francesc Gras Salas, an author and an ophthalmologist who had a distinguished career in Baix Camp’s capital, passed away.

How Did Ophthalmologist Francesc Gras Salas Die?

Gras, who passed away at the age of 101, practiced medicine for 51 years at 35 Carrer de Llovera and served as a physician at Hospital Sant Joan for 20 years.

Francesc Gras Salas, a well-known physician in Reus, passed away on Sunday, according to a statement from the Center d’Amics de Reus. Gras was an ophthalmologist who belonged to a family lineage that dates back to his grandpa Francesc Gras Fortuny.

Francesc Gras Salas Cause of death

Francesc Gras Salas’s death is still unknown and not yet specific

Who was Francesc Gras Salas ?

Spanish ophthalmologist and author Francesc Gras Salas, who lived from March 30 to August 14, 2022, made a contribution to the spread of Reus memory and history.

Dr. Gras studied medicine in Barcelona and completed his Ph.D. studies in Madrid. He came from a family of Reus-based ophthalmologists that was begun by his grandfather, Francesc Gras Fortuny. Between 1948 and 1999, he worked as an ophthalmologist at Carrer de Llovera 35 in Reus.

The writing career of Francesc Gras Salas

Under the alias Suero Vital, Gras, a contributor to numerous medical periodicals, also wrote opinion pieces for Diario Espaol and Semanario Reus. He also contributed to La Guia de Reus, where he wrote about regional history and the Diari de Tarragona.

The Center d’Amics noted the publication of four works “where it helps to the recovery of the historical memory of facts and active figures of citizens Reus” when it was given the “Més Amic de Reus” prize in 2012. These include From East to West; People, Corners, and Smells of Reus (2000); Facts and People of Reus (1997). Writings (2006) and Memories of Reus (remembering Reusan dance halls, the Civil War, and times when espadrilles were worn) (2009).

Additionally, Gras contributed to the Center d’Amics journal Lo Nunci. In reality, a collection of 43 of his magazine articles from 2019 was put together to create the book Estima I remarca la nostra ciutat. A collection of Gras-related articles was already created in 2014 under the moniker Parlem de Reus. of its inhabitants and significant events.

The involvement in city projects

He supported the restoration of the Reus Concerts Association, a 1921-founded organization, in 1952 and served on its board of directors from the 1950s until the 1970s.

He took involved in organizing the tribute to the Reus dancer Roseta Mauri that took place at the Teatre Fortuny especially in the 1950s, in February 1956.

He was also involved in the Festa Major crochet since he helped found the Guardadores de la Tronada, an organization that helped restore the Tronada de Completes following the American Civil War.

Between 1954 and 1964, he served as a board member for the Congregation of the Most Pure Blood in the area of religion. He helped in the rebuilding of the temple’s presbytery there after it was destroyed. La Purissima Sang honored him for his 100th birthday in April of last year.

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How Did Ophthalmologist Francesc Gras Salas Die? Cause of death Explained
How Did Ophthalmologist Francesc Gras Salas Die? Cause of death Explained

In a statement, the Center d’Amics de Reus expressed its “deep grief” over the passing of the Catalan author and ophthalmologist who had helped to spread information about Reus’ legacy and past. Francesc Gras Salas was almost one of the founding members of the Center d’Amics de Reus.

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