How did Novelist Abbas Maroufi die? Cause of death explained.

How did Novelist Abbas Maroufi die? Cause of death explained.

His books are regarded as literary masterpieces in Persian. Abbas Maroufi, however, was persecuted in his native country because he was viewed as a harsh opponent of the Iranian regime.

Abbas Maroufi passed away

Abbas Maroufi, an Iranian exile writer, has passed away. The German Press Agency was informed by the author’s family that he passed away on Thursday at the age of 65 following a protracted and terrible illness. One of the most well-known authors of Iranian contemporary literature was Maroufi.

Abbas Maroufi passed away

The author’s last isolated residence was in Berlin, where he also established a bookstore. He wrote “Fereydun had three sons” and “Symphony of the Dead,” both of which were translated into German.

Abbas maroufi cause of death

Due to a protracted and deadly illness, he passed away on Thursday.

Maroufi was regarded as a scathing adversary of the Iranian regime. His primary cause of persecution in his native nation was his role as editor of the “Gardun” opposition cultural journal. The publication of the magazine was outlawed, and Maroufi was given a two-year publication ban along with a six-month prison term and twenty lashes. Maroufi was permitted to leave the country and the punishment was not carried out as a result of worldwide outcry.

Novels of Abbas maroufi

The novels of Maroufi are regarded as the pinnacles of Persian literature. He was also well regarded in Germany, and writers like Günther Grass assisted him in leaving that country in 1996. Maroufi, a member of the German writers’ organisation PEN, spent some time living on a scholarship in the Heinrich Böll House in Düren, North Rhine-Westphalia, after leaving Germany.

The young author had a rough time in his early years of exile because he worked evenings at a hotel and had to temporarily put his writings on hold.

Why is Abbas maroufi magazine banned in Iran?

His former publication, which had to be shut down in exile due to financial constraints and was outlawed in Iran, has been transformed into an online academy for gifted Iranians. “I have faith in the youthful generation’s intelligence.

However, the civilization in which this generation lives is in the midst of a deluge. A few years before to his passing, Maroufi stated, “And the only thing I can do is preserve some of them. In 2018 the Persian translation of his most recent book, “All Dead are Called Jahia,” was released in Germany.

About Abbas maroufi

Iranian novelist and journalist Abbas Maroufi. Symphony of the Dead, his best-known book, is a classic. 

Abbas Maroufi, who was born, grew up, and received his education in Tehran, studied dramatic arts at Tehran University while working as a teacher and journalist. From 1990 to 1995, he was the literary Gardun magazine’s chief editor.

About Abbas career

He originally had a book of short stories called Into the Sun published. He also produced a couple plays that were staged. He discussed social issues in The Last Superior Generation. The Scent of the Jasmine, his most recent collection of short stories, was released in America.

Maroufi gained notoriety after Symphony of the Dead, a 1989 book that tells its story like a symphony. Maroufi makes excellent use of the stream of consciousness approach in this book. His other works include The Year of Turmoil and The Body of Farhad.

Abbas maroufi writings are also popular in Germany

German translations have been made of several of his writings. The other books by Abbas Maroufi are “Fereydoon had three sons,” “Completely Special,” and “Melted.”

Iranian modernist author “Houshang Golshiri,” who was also his teacher, had a significant influence on Maroufi’s works and writing style. Marouf established a bookstore while residing in Germany. He also taught writing to kids who showed an interest in it.

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