How did Nelly Trenti die? Cause of death explained.

How did Nelly Trenti die? Cause of death explained.

The announcer who lent her voice to Mirtha Legrand’s shows, Nelly Trenti, passed away. Let’s examine her situation and Nelly Trenti’s cause of death in more detail.

How did Nelly Trenti die?

Nelly Trenti, a renowned announcer and one of television’s most known voices, has yesterday at the age of 85. The story’s source, producer of StoryLabNacho Viale, confirmed it in a tweet. “Nelly Trenti has to depart from us today. We offer his family and friends our condolences. They published an image of the famed character along with the words, “That voice will be missed.

Television is in mourning with the announcement of Nelly Trenti’s passing. She is a renowned professional, and because she presided over Mirtha Legrand’s shows, her voice grew enormous. Her line, “her lunch today with Mrs. Mirtha Legrand…”, came to represent the diva’s phases. Trenti, however, was much more than just that position that gave him his enormous size.

Nelly Trenti Cause of death

The iconic announcer for Mirtha Legrand, Nelly Trenti, passed away at age 85. Through social media, the tragic news from Thursday night was verified. Nevertheless, her exact cause of death has not yet been made public. Dailyinfoexpress has made attempts to get in touch with the family and close friends to ask them about the occurrence. There are currently no responses.

Nelly Trenti Cause of death

This page will be updated when we get enough information. More information about Nelly Trenti’s cause of death will be published soon.

Who was Nelly Trenti?

Nelly Trenti, an Argentine presenter and announcer who lived from February 20, 1937, to September 1, 2022, is most known for lending her voice to Mirtha Legrand’s lunchtime talk show for nearly 50 seasons. One of the first announcers to get the Martn Fierro was her.

According to a recent ISER article, she started contributing her voice to numerous radio programmes when she was barely 17 years old. “No advertisements were captured. She explained, “We laid the sheets on the floor and, if we forgot the words, we gazed down,” in an interview with the daily Clarion a few years ago. I was interested in learning how those locations were documented.

Nelly Trenti career

At the age of 17, Nelly Prince was replaced by Nélida Haydée Trenti in a commercial for the previous Channel 7. She quickly ascended the job ladder because to her voice and flawless diction. She was a pioneer of a new form of media that debuted in live, black and white, form. She began working before receiving her degree from ISER and provided the voiceovers for well-known businesses like Gath & Chaves stores.

She was worthy of the Martn Fierro award, for which she had previously received multiple nominations. She served as the spokesperson for the ATC (Argentina Televisora Color) newscasts for many years before bidding them farewell. Until she had to stop the tradition to remain in Buenos Aires to care for her already extremely elderly mother, announcer Mirtha Legrand used to go and dwell in the coastal resort to carry out her duties.

Nelly Trenti: A very loving lady

Even though she was acting her part for the camera, Nelly Trenti appeared just as stylish and young as the lunch hostess, with whom she had developed a cordial connection even though they were not close friends. At this point, Juana and Nacho Viale, the grandmother of Mirtha Legrand, mourned the passing of a devoted and accomplished collaborator.

One of the final representatives of the early days of Argentine television departs with Nelly Trenti’s departure. When Mirtha Legrand returned after the strict quarantine imposed by COVID-19, Trenti was there to give his voice. At the time, I was speaking with Catalina Dlugi. During his radio interview, she had discussed how it felt to return to the place he so dearly loved and how he had gone to take care of his health.

Nelly Trenti’s thoughts on her own life

Since I turned 18, I’ve had a job, and these past several months have been particularly challenging for me. He had expressed his regret at leaving the programme at the time, saying, “I missed all the guys in the studio, the entire production, and, most importantly, Mirtha Legrand, who had grown into a dear friend of mine after working on the show for around 30 years.

Trenti was given the luxury of sharing his objective evaluation of the voice at the time by Juana Viale, the diva’s granddaughter and the cycle’s presenter, something you continue to do now. Trenti also offered his expert opinion on Juana Viale’s performance. He performed admirably. Given that her responsibilities has been enormous and that he was learning and calming down while also letting go of his concerns.

Nelly Trenti achievements

She won the Martn Fierro Award for outstanding female announcer in 1959, among other honours. She received nominations for Almorzando con Mirtha Legrand and La noche de Mirtha in 2018 for best female voice talent.

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