How did Nayyara Noor die? Pakistani playback singer Cause of death explained

One of Pakistan’s most talented vocalists, Nayyara Noor, died late Saturday in Karachi after a protracted battle with cancer.

Who was Nayyara Noor?

Renowned performer Nayyara Noor emigrated to Pakistan in the late 1950s with family after being born in the Indian state of Assam in 1950.

She was a passionate lover of melody who began learning music at a young age. In 1968, Radio Pakistan gave her her big break. She was launched at PTV three years later.

Nayyara Noor’s Achievements

Nayyara Noor, well-known for her lovely voice and uncommon simplicity for someone in the entertainment industry, shied away from making public appearances except from when she was singing. But in 2019, she shared her musical philosophies while seated next to her longtime friend and collaborator Arshad Mahmud during a performance at Karachi’s National Academy of Performing Arts (Napa).

She said, “Music is undoubtedly the purest form of art. Do not tamper with life, for the instant you embrace any form of fakery or pretentiousness, that is the time you lose it.

Nayyara Noor’s recordings of some of the most unforgettable melodies are preserved in PTV archives. From the soundtracks of PTV drama series like “Aye jazba-e-dil Gar Mein Chahoon” and “Raat Yun Dil Mein Teri” by Faiz (for Dhoop Kinarey).

Throughout her illustrious career, she received numerous honours and prizes. She also received the Pride of Performance award.
The well-known crooner, who had a long and successful career, was 71 years old. Numerous national awards were given to Noor. The President of Pakistan first gave her the honorific Bulbul-e-Pakistan and the Pride of Performance Award in 2006. Additionally, Noor received the Nigar Award.

Nayyara Noor’s Family

Nayyara Noor and her family resided in Karachi. Shehryar Zaidi, a Pakistani actor, is the subject of her marriage. Three of her children are raised by her. Jaffer Zaidi, the leader of the Kaavish music band, and Naad-e-Ali, who has started his solo career, are her two sons.

She leaves behind her spouse, two kids, and a daughter named Mandana Zaidi. When Pakistan’s founding father Muhammad Ali Jinnah visited Assam in 1947, her father actively participated in the All-India Muslim League.

Cause of Nayyara Noor’s death

he beloved Bulbul-e-Pakistan, also known as the melody queen, passed away at the age of 71, On August 21, Sunday.Her relatives reported that she died on Sunday at the age of 71 and informed her that she had been battling a brief illness. The famous musician had been receiving treatment in the port city for a few days. According to the family, her funeral prayers will be said today at 4 PM at the Masjid/Imambargah Yasrab in DHA. The musician’s remains will be interred in a DHA phase 8 cemetery.

Arshad Mahmud expresses his sadness and sorrow after learning of her passing: “I am really sad and filled with sorrow. She held a very unique place in my heart. A husband, two children, and two grandkids survive Nayyara Noor. According to her family, the iconic singer Nayyara Noor passed away on Saturday, August 20, 2022, in Karachi as a result of a protracted illness. The loss of Nayyara Noor to death is significant for the Pakistani music scene. She was a great legend who will be remembered for her angelic personality and stunning voice.

Tribute to Nayyara Noor

The performer was 71 years old when she faced death. Many of the singer’s fans were devastated when Noor’s nephew Rana Zaidi revealed this information on Twitter.

Rana tweeted about the dying of his aunt and said, “I must break the sad news that my cherished aunt (tayi) Nayyara Noor has passed away. Her soul rest in peace. Because of her lovely voice, she was given the moniker “Bulbul-e-Pakistan.” #NayyaraNoor.”

How did Nayyara Noor die? Pakistani playback singer Cause of death explained
How did Nayyara Noor die? Pakistani playback singer Cause of death explained

Several online users expressed their sorrow about Noor’s passing as soon as Zaidi posted the message. “Aj hi sun ra tha watan ki mitti jawah rehna,” a user commented. “Inna Lillahe wa inna elehi rajioon, sincerely sorry for your loss,” another person said. One person posted, “You and your family deserve our condolences, Raza. She will always be cherished.” Added a netizen.

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The actor and musician Ali Zafar further penned, “Heart hurting,” in honour to the late legend. I recall our conversation and last meeting at her house. She had transcended material cravings and entered a calm, spiritual realm where she was so wise. Our nightingale, she was. I pray that her soul is at peace.

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