How Did Mike Yorton Die? Iconic Syracuse Beer Bar The Blue Tusk Owner Cause of Death Explained.

How Did Mike Yorton Die? Iconic Syracuse Beer Bar The Blue Tusk Owner Cause of Death Explained.
How Did Mike Yorton Die? Iconic Syracuse Beer Bar The Blue Tusk Owner Cause of Death Explained.

Mike Yorton, Iconic Syracuse Beer Bar The Blue Tusk Owner died at the age of 49. Let’s see more about his death.

How Did Mike Yorton Die?

Mike Yorton, the iconic Armory Square bar’s “Tuskafari” leader with dreadlocks and a beard, passed away on Sunday. He was 49.

Mike Yorton Cause Of Death

Daily Info Express is attempting to get in touch with family members to get their opinions on the occurrence. There has not yet been a response. Once we have sufficient information, we will update the page. Soon, more details regarding Cause of Death will be added.

Who Was Mike?

With the help of his father, Tim, and other family members, Yorton ran The Blue Tusk in the Center Armory building from 1995 until it shut its doors last year.

A 69-tap bar showcasing both American craft beer and difficult-to-find imports was the brainchild of Mike Yorton. He was to blame for the relaxed, tie-dyed, jam band-meets-beer enthusiast atmosphere of the bar.

The Blue Tusk contributed to Central New York’s adoption of the then-new craft beer movement, which may have seemed strange at the time. It was acknowledged as a trendsetter in prestigious national beer periodicals.

After losing its lease due to a disagreement with the new owners of Center Armory last year, The Tusk, located at 165 Walton St., closed. The Tusk, which Mike Yorton had welcomed as one of Center Armory’s first commercial tenants, was honored at the occasion by the building’s original developer and owner, Bob Doucette.

Armory Square won’t be the same without the Blue Tusk, Doucette wrote in a letter headlined “Truthfully, I never fully grasped Mike’s concept.”

Mike Yorton was raised in Chittenango by his family. When his father, who owned the Armory Deli, made the decision to relocate and grow the company in 1995, he asked his son to take care of the beer (and then wine) side of things.

Yorton was present to meet everyone and share stories with them when they came by the Tusk in September to bid the pub farewell after 26 years of patronage.

A few days before the pub closed, Yorton remarked, “We’ve seen so many people in the past few weeks.” Tuskafari always!

Reactions Online tweeted,

Mike Yorton, owner of iconic Syracuse beer bar The Blue Tusk, has died at age 49

Chris Baker tweeted,

This one hits hard. RIP Mike.

Lauren Julia DeStefano posted,

The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.”

Few people, or places, brought me more positivity than Mike Yorton and The Blue Tusk.
Rest peacefully, friend.
🍻❤️💛💚 Tuskafari for life.

Lemon Grass Restaurant posted,

Today I lost one of my best friend, my brother, and my good staff.
Mike Yorton RIP kid.
Lemongrass and her staffs will miss you.

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