How Did Mariana Musa Die? Musa Hitam’s Daughter Cause of Death Explained.

How Did Mariana Musa Die? Musa Hitam’s Daughter Cause of Death Explained.

The former deputy prime minister Musa Hitam’s daughter Mariana Musa passed away yesterday. In this article, let’s see more about the cause of death.

How Did Mariana Musa Die?

Mariana Musa, Musa Hitam’s daughter died yesterday.

Mariana Musa Cause Of Death

Daily Info Express is attempting to get in touch with family members to get their opinions on the occurrence. There has not yet been a response. Once we have sufficient information, we will update the page. Soon, more details regarding Cause of Death will be added.

Who Is Musa?

Musa married Ines Maria Reyna, a Peruvian with Spanish ancestry whom he had first met as an exchange student in Lima, Peru, in 1959. Mariana, Carlos Abdul Rashid, and Rosana are their three kids.

What Did Mariana’s Friend Say?

Mariana’s friend Marina Mahathir informed her Facebook followers of her passing.

“I lost Mariana Musa, a great friend, last night.

Few people are aware that Ana and I have been friends since we were young girls who were brought to live with us in Alor Setar by our mutual parents.

She added that in the early 1980s, she and Mariana both worked at Balai Berita. Marina worked for the Her World magazine while Mariana was with the New Straits Times.

Mariana was last seen by Marina in 2019, when Marina visited her at her residence in Oxford.

She claimed Mariana had artistic and graphic design talent as well.

“Dear Ana, I want to thank you for our relationship.

Reactions Online

New Straits Times tweeted,

NSTnation Former deputy prime minister Tun Musa Hitam’s daughter, Mariana Musa, died yesterday.

Free Malaysia Today tweeted,

Mariana, daughter of Musa Hitam, passes away #FMTNews

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