How did Marciano Cantero die? The leader of the Green Dwarfs Cause of death.

How did Marciano Cantero die? The leader of the Green Dwarfs Cause of death.

Horacio Marciano Cantero, lead vocalist of the rock band Los Ananitos Verdes, passed away on Thursday. The 62-year-old artist had been in intensive care at a hospital in his hometown of Mendoza for a number of days due to kidney failure.

How did Marciano Cantero die?

While returning from the band’s American tour, Freeze succumbed to the deterioration of his condition. As previously mentioned, Sunday De Mendoza had to visit the Cuyo Clinic for surgery and had one kidney removed. His health was in grave danger.

How did Marciano Cantero die?

In that province, the inaugural lineup of os Ananitos Verdes consisted of drummers, Cantero, and Felipe Stati. Nicholas Piccolo (who left the project in 2009). Popular songs by him include “Green Wall,” “I Saw You On The Train,” “Why,” and “Bolivian Lament.”

Marciano Cantero cause of death

Marciano Cantero cause of death

The agency had been informed by the singer’s close friends that Cantero used a special underweight bass and had long-standing kidney issues.

Tribute to Marciano Cantero

On social media, he was fired by a number of political and cultural figures from Mendoza, including the governor Rodolfo Suárez.

“I want to say goodbye to Marciano Cantero, an Argentine rock icon who was born in Mendoza but travelled across borders to achieve fame. The provincial president offered his family and friends his sympathies.

About Marciano Cantero

Horacio Eduardo Cantero Hernández was born on August 9, 1960, in Mendoza, Argentina. His initial foray into music was on the guitar, but he quickly developed a taste for bass. He was so resolute that his father gifted him a Fender Bass when he graduated from high school. A few years later, he and his coworkers formed the band that would later become famous.

Marciano Cantero, a prophet in other nations, founded Los Ananitos Verdes in 1979 alongside Felipe Stati and Daniel Piccolo, but it wasn’t until seven years later that he made an appearance on Buenos Aires television shows like Badiya & Co. This became a springboard both domestically and internationally.

Time Trial, his second album, which included songs like “The Green Wall,” “Consciousness Against the Clock,” Simulacro of Tension, “Every Time I Say Goodbye,” or the ballads “Your Old Letters” and “Just Give Me Another Chance,” had a significant influence on it.

Marciano Cantero career

Latin American rock music became popular thanks to the works of Argentine musician Marciano Cantero.

They were a part of an early group of Argentine rockers that had travelled to other Latin American nations throughout the 1980s, and they produced multiple hits with their first album together. It got to the point where the band had to spend a lot of time outside of Argentina due to their concert obligations.

Cantero also made the choice to relocate to Mexico. Between 2003 until 2017, he resided in the city of Hermosillo, where he spent nearly fifteen years before deciding to move back to Mendoza.

Albums by Marciano Cantero

The group has a lengthy resume. In the 1980s, they released three important albums: Already Mentioned, time trial, and finally odd chambers (1987) U Carousel (1988), Be Like Yesterday (1992), Big Bang (1994), and Live Albums Acoustic Traction were the three other notable 1990s works (nineteen ninety eight).

The group was still making songs into hits in the middle of that decade, whether they were their own or not. This was the case for the song “Lamento Boliviano,” which was written and first released in 1984 by the Mendoza band Alcohol Atlético.

such as “The Green Wall,” Due to the fact that the group mistakenly entered the below wall that split a band’s history With that group, local esports rock players from the interior of the nation started competing in the top divisions. When Mendoza toured the nation with singer-songwriter Piero, the song that serves as the album’s opening track, time trial, was written on the bus. It was produced by Andrés Calamaro. When the tour was over, Cantero picked up the sketch again, and the topic that had propelled him to prominence became apparent.

Marciano Cantero was very dedicated person

“I’m on the dividing wall, and whatever happens, happens. As I walk through the wall, I can see how long-held illusions are realised. A few years later, odd rooms appeared.

He had written a rocker version of the beat song “L with the Strange Long Hair,” which appeared on an album that, despite its cover, began to ring. He also provided the songs “For the Rest” and “I Saw You on the Train,” which helped the Kuyo Project build their fame.

Current achievements of Marciano Cantero

Cantero said to Country a few years ago: “I feel chosen. Because being able to do something so fantastic musically and be able to amaze people at the same time is sort of a miracle. Too many bands haven’t performed at the Hollywood Bowl.

The Beatles and many other renowned musicians from the history of modern music came over, and we performed there with G Men.

It was amazing, and when we were done, the staff members in the dressing room informed us that they had been playing for a very long time. At the period, people were not singing as loudly in public.

Together with the Spanish band Hombres G, the trio set out on a significant tour. About 25 concerts took place in the United States and about 30 in Latin American locations, including Radio City in New York. Other venues where performances took place were the Hollywood Bowl and the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Other projects of Marciano Cantero

Los Ananitos Verdes served as the focal point of Marciano Cantero’s artistic life, albeit he also worked on other things. While the band remained dormant (between 1989 and 1991), he started a solo career that featured two performances on the album New Moon You Beat Club. Concurrently, he participated in other musicians’ albums and wrote songs.

He penned “Cimpre te Ame” for Andrés de Leon in the middle of the 1990s, and since the turn of the millennium, he has worked with Puerto Seguro, Rostros Ocultos, Coti Sorokin, Hugo Bistolfi, and Los Rancheros.

Last song of Marciano Cantero

In 2019, he collaborated with the Airbag group on the song “Volver a Casa,” which was his most recent collaboration. What is more startling and unexpected is when Bad Bunny and J. He receives a call from Balvin asking him to sing along and finishing a song he had begun.

“Teacher, thank you for making our teens happy! He called me over video chat,” Cantero recounted at the time. They also asked me to assist them in finishing a song. The outcome was called “Un Peso,” and because they were so lovely and considerate, I responded, “Well, give me a few days.”

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