How did Kal David die? Musician, Voice of Disney World’s Sonny Eclipse Cause of death explained

We hate to inform you that Kal David, a legendary musician and Disney figure, has died at the age of 79.

How did Tommorowland Voice Actor Kal David die?

Since 1995, Sonny Eclipse has performed a 27-minute act every day in Tomorrowland with the help of his incredible but unseen support singers, the Space Angels. Guests have the privilege of enjoying their meal, which consists of very typical burgers, fried chicken, and of course, french fries, while listening to music and laughing at Eclipse’s hilariously dumb jokes.

Thanks to singer/songwriter Kal David’s fantastic voice, Sonny Eclipse came to life. Unfortunately, we now know that David died at the age of 79.

Sonny Eclipse was voiced by him at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe.

Lauri Bono, Kal David’s wife, posted the distressing information on Facebook

Kal David was a musician and educator who performed and taught throughout the world.

Sad news from Kal David’s family… Kal passed away today. Aside from being a wonderful musician and singer, many of us Disney fans know his as the voice of our alien friend, Sonny Eclipse. He will always be our Bright Little Star

Tammy Tuckey (@TammyTuckey)

Kal David cause of death

Kal David, a renowned blues guitarist and singer, passed away today. As the lounge singer at Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe in the Magic Kingdom, Sonny Eclipse, David became well-known among visitors to the Disney Parks.

When this article was published, David’s cause of death had not been explained. As additional information becomes available, we will keep updating our story.

His family and friends are currently in our hearts and prayers.

Who was Kal David?

When visiting Walt Disney World, there are a tonne of dining options, and the selection can be, to put it mildly, daunting. The food at Cosmic Ray’s is straightforward and typical of theme parks, while the building and colour design are straight out of the early 1990s.

However, we believe that without Sonny Eclipse himself and, more crucially, Kal David, this restaurant would not be nearly as exceptional. As a result, we are astounded to learn of Kal David’s passing as the voice of this entirely unique Disney Park character. Bright Little Star, Gravity Blues, Yew Nork, Yew Nork, and Planetary Boogie are a few of the tracks on Eclipse, all of which are sung by David.

David had a significant role in the music business for more than 60 years and, at one point, was a member of the renowned band Chicago. Later, David and his wife formed their own band and frequently played at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut and the B.B. King Blues Club in Los Angeles.

David was devotedly composing music up to his passing. 2018 saw the induction of David and Bono into the National Blues Hall of Fame as well as the Connecticut Blues Hall of Fame.

Kal David’s Blues Talent

David’s CV offers a master class in blues performance outside of his employment as a voice actor for Disney, and in 1998, he was inducted into the National Blues Hall of Fame. According to his biography, the gifted guitarist performed with industry legends including BB King, Brian Wilson, Smokey Robinson, John Lennon, Etta James, and Stevie Wonder while serving as a guest artist at Berklee College of Music.

Kal Davis also discussed serending Goofy during a sequence in the “Goofy about Health” attraction that was housed in the now-gone Wonders of Life Pavillion at EPCOT in a 2018 interview with Tammy Tuckey. The song, loosely titled “The Unhealthy Living Blues,” gave Goofy a hilarious method to work through his problems in life.

Without a doubt, David continues to have a remarkable impact on the Disney community. Thankfully, Sonny will ensure that the 79-year-old musician’s voice continues to be heard in Tomorrowland.

Kal David is a fine and experienced guitarist

Even though Kal David is a fantastic blues guitarist, it would be unfortunate to describe him as such. Other blues guitarists can’t even begin to match his variety of styles and colour palette. The talented and seasoned guitarist Kal David can get you weak in the knees with his soulfulness, but don’t overlook his depth.

Kal David is a singer. A real vocalist who is far more talented than the average person. His polished yet raw vocals transport you on an emotional journey. A genuine living musical legend is ready to awaken the globe.

Miss Lauri Bono, Kal David’s longtime musical collaborator, is a featured player in the group. She is a fantastic and powerful female vocalist. Less is always more with Lauri. Miss Bono sings in such a way that she can make a gentle passage sound like velvet or switch on the guts and gravel before luring you back into it. She has decided to give Kal David a gift as they tour the world together performing at huge VIP events, recording music, and making recordings.

The chemistry between these two performers is truly something exceptional. They work as a team even though everyone can work alone. Together, they contribute to the success of the performance or the entire record. There is no comparing who is better than the other because they are each other’s reason for existing. … Complete Harmony

Kal David and Lauri Bono are Blues legends

Kal has been motivated to impart his knowledge and experience to the next generations by his commitment to the spread of the music he adores. Kal has given multiple talks and concerts as a guest artist at the prestigious Berklee College of Music for eager audiences of some of the best up-and-coming talent in the nation.

Kal has taught at the National Guitar Workshop in addition to Berklee. To bring instruments and music back into the classrooms, he and Lauri organise fundraisers and deliver talks whenever they can. Every youngster should be able to access and receive a music education, in their opinion. It has been demonstrated to aid in all other facets of learning. Music enlivens our existence and ignites our desire.

Another Kal teaching venture is his hugely successful Blues Guitar Master Class DVD series, which is inspiring many aspiring and seasoned guitarists. “It is amazing and fulfilling to share my years of knowledge and passion with a class and know that I have impacted their life,” adds Kal. Our lives are enriched by music, which also ignites our passion.

Legendary blues musicians Kal David and Lauri Bono were admitted on May 1 into both the National Blues Hall of Fame and the Connecticut Blues Hall of Fame, highlighting their status as such.

Don’t miss this exciting Kal David-Lauri Bono show if you have the chance.

Quotes about Kal David

Kal David’s blues guitar brought Jimi Hendrix’s spirit to life

How did Kal David die? Musician, Voice of Disney World’s Sonny Eclipse Cause of death explained
How did Kal David die? Musician, Voice of Disney World’s Sonny Eclipse Cause of death explained

Kal David is a Rock, Soul, Blues veteran and a talented singer guitar- ist who’s played with all sorts of greats over the years

Rolling Stone Reviews

Kal David is an almost unparalled guitarist in the Blues and Rhythm and Blues eld

20th Century Guitar

My festival line up this year included Bernard Allison, Walter Trout, Chris Duarte…. but Kal David was undoubtedly the show stopper, absolutely amazing

Lloyd Peterson, Promoter; 2006 Baker Mt. Rhythm and Blues Festival

Fans and Followers paid tribute to Kal David death

Sonny Eclipse Voice Artist, Kal David, Has Passed Away To the great beyond goes Kal David, a fantastic musician and songwriter who just happened to also voice a star of Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland.   #sonnyeclipse#kaldavid#disneyworld…

That Park Place

One of the best blues guitarists I’ve ever heard, Kal David has passed. Every so often you stumble across a musician who oozes soul, tone, phrasing and feel. I first saw Kal burning in LA clubs in the 80s. Then caught his band in Palm Springs, BB Kings, etc. He was the real deal.

Shawn Patterson 

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Beloved local blues guitarist and musician Kal David has died at 79 years old. If you’re like me you listened to him play all over town for the past 30 years. He and his wife Lauri, an incredible duo. Kal, you will be missed!

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The voice of Disney World’s own Sonny Eclipse, who resides in one of the Resort’s most popular restaurants has sadly passed away.

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Deeply sad news to report. Kal David has died.

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