How Did József Tóth Die? Footballer of the Újpest national team Cause of death explained

At the age of 71, József Tóth, a member of the national team for 56 times, passed away.

How Did József Tóth Die?

József Tóth, a 56-time member of the Hungarian national team who played a large portion of his career with jpesti Dózsa, has passed away. With Péter Malonyai’s obituary, we pay tribute to him.

The plans for his funeral will be decided later in cooperation with the family, according to the UTE social media website.

József Tóth Past sickness history

He already had a health issue two years prior, but the precise diagnosis was kept a secret because he did not see a doctor. Instead, he convinced himself that something was wrong. He was terrified of physicians even though he was a professional football player; this didn’t alter even when he absolutely needed to.

He promoted the left-back position, which many people hated, to rank; if anyone, he demonstrated through his actions that the position is deserving of elevation.

Who was József Tóth?

József Tóth was born in Mosonmagyaróvár, where he also began playing football. In 1969, he moved to Pécs, and in 1975, he moved to Buda.

He participated in the latter squad until 1984, scoring three goals in 268 games while there. He won the Hungarian Cup twice and two championships with the purple and whites (1977–1978 and 1978–1979, respectively) (1982, 1983).

The footballer played in the highest division, MTK-VM, between 1984 and 1986 before concluding his career with the Finnish IF Kraft squad. He participated in NB III with Erzsébeti SMTK beginning in November 1986, the start of the Finnish league break.

Between 1974 and 1983, József Tóth appeared 56 times for the Hungarian national team and registered one goal.

András Törcsik and József Kardos, teammates of József Tóth, just passed away.

József Tóth Career

I use the name “Jokka” since that’s what his friends and those who talked about him named him. From 1970, when he made his debut in Pécs Dózsa, as an NB I football player.

With success, and occasionally as the main character, as when the Pécs team eliminated Newcastle United from the EVK in the fall of 1970 – on penalties. He got the fifth and last shot.

How Did József Tóth Die? Footballer of the Újpest national team Cause of death explained
How Did József Tóth Die? Footballer of the Újpest national team Cause of death explained

József Tóth, a retired Hungarian football player of the 1970s and 1980s, lived from 2 December 1951 to 11 August 2022. As a left defender for the Hungarian National Football Team, he made 56 appearances and registered one goal. [1] He participated in the FIFA World Cups in 1978 and 1982.

When he switched to Megyeri t at the age of 24, the Pécs team was demoted, and it was obvious that he had changed. He revealed why he left Pécs: “You go numb from the notion that if we lose again, we’ll be demoted,” and then added, “It never crossed my mind not to take my place in Budapest.”

He didn’t talk in the air since Dózsa was a stable national team and he twice won the championship (1978, 1979) and the cup (1982, 1983).

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On November 10, 1974, in Varna, he made his debut game against Bulgaria (0–0). The report’s assertion that “he mounted hard, simply, skilfully several times, and even tried to go up” can alternatively be read as an ars poetica. He participated in two World Cups (1978 and 1982) and scored a goal against El Salvador for Spain (10–1).

The player “skillfully shot from eight metres into the empty net with a left outside shot, from a tough angle” after running up, passing, and having the ball rebound back in front of him.

The last time he played for the team was in 1983 in Copenhagen against Denmark (1-3); next to him, the relatively quick Klaus Berggreen didn’t consume much salt.

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