How Did Johnny Famechon Die? Death Cause Of ‘Former world featherweight boxing legend Jean-Pierre ‘Johnny’ Famechon – What Happened To Him?

Johnny Famechon, a legendary boxer from Australia, passed away at the age of 77.

He was born Jean-Pierre Famechon in France, and at the age of five, he moved to Australia with his family.

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How Did Johnny Famechon Die?

Australian boxing icon Johnny Famechon, who was born in France and had a brief but impressive career as the world featherweight champion, passed away on Thursday at the age of 77, according to officials.

Famechon, who is the nephew of a French and European featherweight champion and the son of a lightweight boxing champion, followed in their footsteps by forgoing amateur boxing to enter the professional ranks at the age of 16.

He was referred to in the media as “the classiest fighter in Australia” because of his rapid movements, shrewd boxing, and strong defence.

He would collect a record of 56 victories (20 by knockout), six ties, and five losses during the course of a nine-year career.

Johnny Famechon sickness history

For the Victorian featherweight championship in 1964, Famechon defeated Les Dunn. Later, in 1967, he won the Australian and Commonwealth championships.

Famechon was struck by a car in Sydney in 1991, suffering a stroke and an acquired brain injury, although he soon recovered almost fully. In 1997, he was admitted into the World Boxing Hall of Fame.

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman tweet about Johnny Famechon death news

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman tweeted, “I am so sorry to read of the demise of Australian boxing legend Johnny Famechon.” May he rest in peace forever.

He was known for his deft defensive play, earning the moniker “poetry in motion,” before his parents moved to Australia when he was five. He was born Jean-Pierre Famechon in Paris.

How Did Johnny Famechon Die? Death Cause Of 'Former world featherweight boxing legend Jean-Pierre 'Johnny' Famechon - What Happened To Him?
How Did Johnny Famechon Die? Death Cause Of ‘Former world featherweight boxing legend Jean-Pierre ‘Johnny’ Famechon – What Happened To Him?

A fellow Australian boxer named Jeff Fenech, who has won world championships in three different weight classes, told the Sydney Morning Herald that “Fammo” most definitely merits a state funeral.

“He was just so skilled, and it was lovely to watch. He was similar to Floyd Mayweather, one of those athletes who hit without ever being struck.”

Johnny Famechon career

He faced off against Cuban boxer Jose Legra at London’s Albert Hall and prevailed on a close points decision to win the title of undisputed world featherweight champion in 1969, sharing it with fellow Australian Lionel Rose.

Famechon would successfully defend the title against Fighting Harada of Japan, a former world champion at the flyweight and bantamweight weight classes, twice. Rose had defeated Harada to win the latter title.

The referee first declared the first fight to be a draw before declaring Famechon the winner. He would defeat the Mexican Vicente Saldivar in the rematch, which he would win by knockout in the early 1970s, before quitting boxing later that year.

the classiest fighter in Australia – Johnny Famechon

He became well-known thanks to his career, and in 1970 he was crowned Melbourne’s King of Moomba.

Prior to his 1997 induction into the World Boxing Hall of Fame, he sustained permanently disabling injuries in 1991 while jogging when he was struck by a car.

Barry Michael, a former world boxing champion, said Famechon beat the odds to win the championship in London.

Then, it had the title of the entire world, according to Michael.

“Famo was a tremendous underdog to defeat Jose Legra, but he went out and defeated him decisively.

When they fought again in Tokyo, he knocked Fighting Harada out [in the 14th round] after they had a tie in Sydney that was later awarded to Famo after a recount.

Famechon was honoured in 1985 by being inducted into the Sport Australia Hall of Fame.

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