How Did Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake Die? Cause of death explained

Issey Miyake, a Japanese fashion designer, died at age 84 from cancer.

How Did Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake Die?

The renowned Japanese fashion designer and creator of the namesake brand, Issey Miyake, passed away on August 5. He was 84.

NHK, a public broadcaster, as well as other Japanese media outlets, reported his passing.

Beginning in the middle of the 1970s, a group of young Japanese designers made their mark in Paris. Miyake was one of them.

Miyake, who is renowned for his avant-garde designs and scent, established a global fashion brand by creating the renowned black turtleneck sweaters worn by Steve Jobs.

Issey Miyake cause of death

According to the Kyodo news agency, the well-known fashion designer, who was most recognised for his characteristic pleated clothing and top-selling perfumes, passed away from liver cancer.

The designer is renowned for giving his buddy and Apple co-founder Steve Jobs the iconic black turtleneck. Some of the black turtleneck T-shirts from Jobs’s collection were created by Miyake at his request. The designer agreed, and shortly after that, he gave him “hundreds” of turtlenecks.

Jobs once declared in an interview, “I have enough to last for the rest of my life.”

fashion designer Issey Miyake funeral

She answered the phone, declining to be identified and said only that “He died on the evening of August 5.”

According to his requests, Miyake’s funeral had already been held with “just relatives participating,” and no plans existed for a formal public service, she said.

Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake wiki

Miyake was seven years old when the atomic bomb fell on Hiroshima in August 1945. He was born there in 1938.

He founded the Miyake Design Studio in Tokyo in 1970, and later opened his first store in Paris.

Throughout his lengthy career, Miyake was renowned for using both classic and contemporary fashion techniques.

This led to the creation of his famous “Pleats, Please” line when the dancers were tested for their range of motion.Before basically retiring in 1997 to focus on research, he eventually created more than a dozen fashion lines, ranging from his primary Issey Miyake for men and women to bags, watches, and fragrances.

In the New York Times in 2009, he expressed his reluctance to discuss it as an adult and stated that he did not want to be recognised as “the designer who escaped the atomic bomb.”

He added that he prefers to think of things “that can be produced, not destroyed, and that provide beauty and joy” but that “when I close my eyes, I still see things no one should ever see.”

Issey Miyake career

When he was younger, Miyake intended to be a dancer or an athlete, but after reading his sister’s fashion publications, he changed his mind.

He travelled to Paris in the 1960s to work with renowned fashion designers Guy Laroche and Hubert de Givenchy after completing his graphic design studies at a Tokyo art institution.

He briefly resided in New York before returning to Tokyo in 1970 to launch the Miyake Design Studio.

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By the 1980s, he was regarded as one of the most innovative designers in the world because of the materials he used, including paper, traditional Japanese materials, metal, and plastic.

Miyake known for creating a high tech style

Fabric was wrapped between layers of paper and heated in a press by Miyake to create a novel method of pleating.

By eschewing the pomp and circumstance of haute couture in favour of what he called simply “creating things,” he invented high-tech, comfy apparel.

How Did Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake Die? Cause of death explained
How Did Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake Die? Cause of death explained

It was a huge success and gave rise to his famous pleats, please line when tests showed the pleats didn’t wrinkle.

He became well-known not just in the Japanese fashion business but also on the international runway for inventing a high-tech, yet functional and comfortable, design.

Issey Miyake established a global fashion brand

His fashion company created highly coveted clothing for both sexes as well as handbags, watches, and perfumes. When L’Eau d’Issey was introduced in 1992, it was said that a bottle was sold every 14 seconds.

His A-POC (A Piece of Clothing) collection, which is now on display at museums, constructed clothes out of one continuous tube of fabric using a unique weaving technique.

Miyake is said to have produced 100 of the $175 apiece turtleneck jumpers at the request of Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.

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