How did Ioane King die? Spartacus star Ioane ‘John’ King Cause of death Explained

Ioane King passed away on August 15 after beginning as an extra on the Starz historical drama Spartacus before being promoted to the recurring Rhaskos role. He was 49.

How did Ioane King die?

Following a battle with cancer, Ioane “John” King, who played the gladiator Rhaskos in Starz’s “Spartacus” series, passed away, his family posted on Facebook. He was 49.

From 2010 until 2013, the actor played the title character in “Spartacus,” and he returned for the prequel miniseries “Spartacus: Stars of the Arena.” The Spartacus episode of the Stephen S. DeKnight programme traces his transformation from Roman gladiator to insurrection leader.

His relatives noted that he “passed in the midst of loved friends and family” in a Facebook post.

Spartacus star Ioane ‘John’ King Cause of death

His family sent a message about the actor’s departure on a Facebook page dedicated to his fight with adenocarcinoma cancer. The New Zealander passed away surrounded by friends and family, according to the message.

To pay for medical costs, his family had started a fundraising campaign in March. According to the website, King was given his cancer diagnosis in January when it was discovered that the disease had spread to his pancreatic and other organs. He started treatment in March.

Fundraising for Ioane ‘John’ King cancer

To assist John with his cancer diagnosis, a Spartacan Great Battle website, Facebook page, and Givealittle campaign were created.

On Spartacus, John was hired as an extra. But with a powerful presence & ever positive attitude amongst the cast & crew, won himself the speaking role of Rhaskos. I remember John most fondly for his huge grin & sparkle in his eye when he would welcome me & others onto set each day, offering the Gladiatorial forearm handshake & acknowledging in his deep raspy voice, ‘Brother

Manu Bennett

According to the website, John said, “At least I have a 5% chance to win” when told that he had a 95% chance of losing his struggle. He is just this way.

The event was also organised to assist John and his wife Christelle in raising money to finish remodelling their house, which they had just bought a few weeks prior to John’s diagnosis.

The fundraiser stated that “They invested their entire life savings into building a new home and intended to work on it for the next years.”

But the joy and pride that surrounded this project were crushed. John’s diagnosis came six weeks after they had moved into their new house, causing complete destruction. They have to fundamentally reevaluate their priorities, it continued.

“John is our golden child, according to his family. He is the most amazing, unselfish person we know, according to his friends. Everyone else sees John as a great stranger who, by virtue of his being, contributes to the betterment of this planet.

Ioane King last video before his death

On August 11, four days before he passed away, the Kiwi celebrity posted a video of himself eating lunch with his mother and sister on social media.

In the video, a beaming Ioane expresses his gratitude for “another wonderful day” in his hometown before turning the camera to reveal his toast with mussel fritters.

In January of this year, Ioane received an adenocarcinoma cancer diagnosis, and it immediately spread to his pancreatic and other organs.

Despite receiving a terminal prognosis, the Kiwi actor began chemotherapy in March in an effort to halt the disease’s progression.

Tribute to Ioane King death

Manu Bennett, a former Spartacus co-star, paid tribute to King on Instagram and praised him for battling cancer “with dignity and a relentless desire not to be defeated.” Bennett continued by stating that despite being hired as an extra for the gladiator series, King gained the speaking part “with a forceful presence and ever optimistic attitude among the cast and crew.”

“I recall John most warmly for his wide grin and glitter in his eye when he would welcome me and other cast members into set each day with the Gladiatorial forearm handshake & recognising in his deep raspy voice, “Brother!”,” Bennett continued.

King worked as a personal trainer and prison officer in addition to his role on Spartacus, which ended in 2013 after three seasons and a prequel miniseries.

In the New Zealand city of Auckland’s suburb of Papakura, a funeral service was performed. Christelle, his wife, is left behind.

King is not the only Spartacus cast member to have passed away from cancer.

Welsh actor Andy Whitfield, who played the show’s main character, had a stage IV non-Hodgkin lymphoma diagnosis in 2010 and passed away on September 11, 2011, at the age of 39.

Be Here Now: The Andy Whitfield Story, a 2015 documentary, chronicled his life and struggle with cancer.

His interactions with his wife Vashti and their two kids were also highlighted in the movie.

When asked about watching the documentary, Vashti told Daily Mail Australia in 2016: “We get to hang out again for two hours, and I get to see him as a father and the moments I shared with the love of my life.”

“Andy and I wanted to make the movie to teach people that no matter what occurs, it’s an opportunity to grow and enjoy the moment,” she continued.

How did Ioane King die? Spartacus star Ioane ‘John’ King Cause of death Explained
How did Ioane King die? Spartacus star Ioane ‘John’ King Cause of death Explained

In 2010, Spartacus made its Starz debut and ran for four seasons.

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It gained popularity among both critics and viewers, and since then, comic books, novels, and a video game have been produced.

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