How did Heavyweight Legend Earnie Shavers die? Cause of death.

How did Heavyweight Legend Earnie Shavers die? Cause of death.

In the 1970s, when heavyweight boxing was at its peak, Earnie Shavers had a reputation as the sport’s fiercest puncher.

Boxing Legend Earnie Shavers passed away

He passed away on Thursday, one day after turning 78. Unknown is the cause of death.

Boxing Legend Earnie Shavers passed away

Shavers’ career spanned from 1969 to 1995, however he fought mainly in the 1970s. His career record was 74-14-1 with 68 knockouts.

He competed for the heavyweight championship against Larry Holmes and Muhammad Ali.

Earnie Shavers cause of death

Earnie Shavers cause of death

On September 29, 1977, at New York’s Madison Square Garden, he squared off against Ali for the title. In 15 rounds, Ali prevailed via unanimous decision.

The cause of death of Earnie Shavers was not revealed yet. We’ll update you first after receiving any information.

About Earnie Shavers

Earnie Dee Shaver, better known by his ring name Earnie Shavers, was a retired American professional boxer who competed between 1969 and 1995. He was born on August 31, 1944, and passed away on September 1, 2022. Shavers, a two-time contender for the world heavyweight title, is renowned for having some of the heaviest punches in the sport’s history.

He won 68 fights by knockout, including 23 in the opening round. His career knockout percentage is 76.4%. Shavers made two unsuccessful attempts to win the heavyweight title, falling to Larry Holmes in 1979 and Muhammad Ali in 1977, respectively. In the second round, he injured Ali, and in the seventh, he defeated Holmes.

Vicente Rondón, Jimmy Ellis, and Ken Norton, as well as three-time European heavyweight champion Joe Bugner and top heavyweight challenger Jimmy Young, were all defeated by Shavers
Shavers published his autobiography, Welcome to the Big Time, in 2001. He has been at boxing events as a special guest, autograph signer, and motivational speaker ever since he stopped fighting.
Shavers, who was 78 years old, went away in 2022.

Amateur career of Earnie Shavers

Shavers began boxing when he was only 22 years old. He had a brief but impressive amateur career before becoming pro, taking home the 1969 National AAU heavyweight title. [1]
Shavers “carries a big punch,” according to Tony Mange, director of National Golden Gloves in March 1969.

Prior to being defeated by the 230-pound opponent, he had nine consecutive knockout victories (104 kg) Horst Koschemann, a West German

Victories of Earnie Shavers

1st place, gold medalist(s) Cleveland Golden Gloves, Cleveland, Ohio, 1968:

  • Finals: Defeated Mike Boswell

National Golden Gloves, Salt Lake City, Utah, March 1968:

  • 1/8: Defeated Dave Foley
  • 1/4: Defeated Tommy Garrett by decision
  • 1/2: Lost to Frank Steele TKO 3

United States National Championships, Toledo, Ohio, April 1968:

  • 1/8: Lost to Chuck Haynes TKO

National Golden Gloves, Municipal Auditorium, Kansas City, Missouri, March 1969:

  • 1/8: Defeated Bernard Roberts KO 1 (1:05)
  • 1/4: Defeated Nick Wells by decision
  • 1/2: Lost to Ron Draper by decision

1st place, gold medalist(s) United States National Championships, San Diego, California, April 1969:

  • 1/8: Defeated Wayne McGee KO
  • 1/4: Defeated Mose Hill Jr. KO 2
  • 1/2: Defeated Otis Evans KO
  • Finals: Defeated Charles Elder TKO 1 (2:15)

USA–FRG Duals, Cincinnati Gardens, Cincinnati, Ohio, June 1969:

  • Lost to Horst Koschemann (West Germany) TKO 2 (1:30)

Ohio State Fair Amateur Boxing Tournament, State Fairgrounds, Columbus, Ohio, August 1969: National Team Selection Eliminator, Fort Campbell, Kentucky, October 1969:

  • Lost to Charles Elder by decision

Fighting career of Earnie Shavers

On September 29, 1977, Shavers faced Muhammad Ali at Madison Square Garden. [5] Shavers had a record of 54-5-1 with 52 knockouts going into the fight. Shavers was given the moniker “The Acorn” by Ali due of his bald head. Angelo Dundee, Ali’s cornerman, requested that Baltimore matchmaker Eddie Hrica watch the telecast in the locker room and call out the scores. Shavers injured Ali with an overhand right in the second round.

Ali pretended to be gravely injured, which caused Shavers to pause. They switched round exchanges on the scorecard. Ali firmly prevailed in the fifth. Ali had to make it through the final three rounds to claim victory.

He eliminated former champion Ken Norton in the first round of a mandatory title challenge eliminator, which may have been his best victory to date.
On September 29, 1979, precisely two years after losing to Ali, Shavers competed for the title against world heavyweight champion Larry Holmes at Caesars Palace in Paradise, Nevada. Holmes was knocked out by Shavers in round seven, but the fight was stopped by the referee when Shavers continued to take punches into the eleventh round. Holmes, who is renowned for his resilience under pressure, later remarked that Shavers’ strike was the most intense he had ever experienced.

Later career of Earnie Shavers

The Holmes encounter was Shavers’ final significant contest. He was defeated by tough prospect Randall “Tex” Cobb in the eighth round of a chaotic brawl in 1980. Shavers had eye surgery for a detached retina before to the Cobb fight.

After losing to Brian Yates, Shavers fought professionally for several more years until calling it quits in 1995. After his shocking defeat against underdog Bernardo Mercado, many said he ought to have given up. Shavers and boxer Sugar Ray Leonard both suffered retinal eye injuries.

Back entry of Earnie Shavers in fighting

Shavers made two brief comeback attempts—one in 1987 and two in 1995, the second of which ended with Brian Yates knocking him out in round two. Shavers officially retired after this defeat.
The Ring and other publications have ranked Shavers as one of the best ten punchers in boxing history.
Shavers had a record of 74 wins (68 by knockout, 23 in the first round, and 46 in the first three rounds), 14 losses, and 1 draw at the conclusion of his career in 1995.

Earnie Shavers family

Laverne Payne and Shavers were wed. Together, they have five daughters: Tamara, Cynthia, Catherine, Carla, and Amy.

In addition, he has four daughters—Catherine, Lisa, Natasha, and Latonya—and a son—Ernie, Jr.—from previous relationships. He has one great-grandchild in addition to 24 grandchildren.

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