How Did Guitarist Gord Lewis Die? Suspect, Motive & Cause of death revealed

Teenage Head’s guitarist and founder, Gord Lewis, was discovered dead over the weekend in his apartment in Hamilton, Ontario. The Spectator reports that Lewis’ death is being investigated as a homicide.

How Did Guitarist Gord Lewis Die?

Gord Lewis, the original guitarist for the Canadian rock band Teenage Head, was apparently discovered dead on Sunday at his Hamilton, Ontario, apartment (7 August). He was 65.

According to reports, homicide is being suspected in the deceased.

The Spectator reported on Monday that Jonathan Lewis, Lewis’ 41-year-old son, had been charged with second-degree murder (8 August).

The body of a man in his sixties with “injuries consistent with foul play” was discovered by police when they arrived at Lewis’ home at noon on Sunday, according to murder unit Detective Sargeant Sara Beck, who spoke to media at a press conference.

Suspect behind Guitarist Gord Lewis death

On Sunday, August 7, 2022, Gord Lewis, the founding member and main guitarist of the Canadian punk band “Teenage Head,” was found dead in his Hamilton, Canada, apartment at 175 Catharine St. S. The musician’s death is being looked into as a possible homicide, say the police.

In anticipation of an autopsy, police withheld the victim’s name but revealed that 41-year-old Jonathan Lewis had been detained and charged with second-degree murder. The Spectator and other internet comments made by Gord’s pals claim that Jonathan is his son.

According to Beck’s statement, beginning at 8 p.m. on Saturday, August 6, and continuing into Sunday morning, two email accounts connected to Jonathan Lewis started sending the media suspicious messages.

According to one email, it was sent on Sunday. “Funeral people need to get here quickly. My father is deteriorating.

The sender’s “illness” was hinted at in a previous post, which read: “Now I simply want to receive help for my disease and give my dad a dignified funeral. He was not due this.

According to Beck’s statement, Lewis’ death makes Hamilton the third victim of a homicide this year.

In a statement to CBS Hamilton on Monday, Lewis’ brother Brian characterised the late singer as “kind, artistic, musically inspired, caring and loyal.”

 Teenage Head guitarist Gord Lewis

Known for the Canadian hits “Let’s Shake” and “Some Kinda Fun,” Teenage Head was founded in 1975 when its members were still in high school. The band was recently the subject of the documentary “Picture My Face: The Story of Teenage Head,” which will be released in 2020.

Featuring scenes from the band’s 40+ year history, including the 1980 Ontario Place riot, the passing of original leader Frankie Venom, and Lewis’ crippling depression and return, the moving movie is directed by Douglas Arrowsmith. Marky Ramone, who collaborated with Teenage Head on an album in 2008, offers his thoughts on the band’s legacy and influence.

Frankie Venom, also known as Frank Kerr, who passed away on October 15, 2008, and Peter Macaulay shared lead vocal duties with bassist Steve Mahon, drummer Nick Stipanitz, guitarist Dave Desroches, and Gord Lewis. According to Songkick, they were still a couple and actively planning a concert for September 10, 2022 at Kerrfest in Oakville.

Police statement about this Homicide death of Gord Lewis

Today (Aug. 8), at a brief news conference, Sara Beck of the homicide squad noted that this was the third death in the city this year. With a population of 776,000, Hamilton is a city located about 40 miles to the west of Toronto.

“Police got information on Sunday, August 7 that a number of emails with material relating to a deceased person had been forwarded to a range of media sites,” she said.

Police responded to a house at 175 Catherine Street South based on the information and discovered a deceased man in his 60s inside the flat. The male victim had injuries that suggested foul play, and the incident was classified as a homicide.

How Did Guitarist Gord Lewis Die? Suspect, Motive & Cause of death revealed
How Did Guitarist Gord Lewis Die? Suspect, Motive & Cause of death revealed

“At this time, the dead has not been positively identified because of the degree of decomposition…

To identify the dead, an autopsy will be conducted and extra measures will be done.

Friends and followers pays the tribute to Gord Lewis

The Spectator claims that a reporter there got emails on Saturday from two accounts under Jonathan Lewis’ name claiming that his father had passed away. When a staff member dialled 911 to seek a health check, the cops found Gord’s body.

Friends and followers who were surprised by the news have started posting tributes online. He was described as “a lovely soul of a man” by Nick Sinopoli, while Brad Germain stated that “tributes are pouring in for a reason. We’ve all learned a Teenage Head song or a Gordie Lewis lick at some point in our life, said Dan Walsh. I’ve never heard someone criticise you. I discovered mine when I was 16… A new wave of three chord rockers was born thanks to you.

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Following the posts, Lewis’s supporters began to show their love for him in earnest. “Heartbroken,” one person wrote. Too little words to express my gratitude for the records, concerts, and wonderful memories. We send our condolences to the T.H. Relatives and Gord’s family and friends.

Rest in Peace, dear Gordie, a fellow fan wrote alongside a black and white image of Gord. And thank you for the music and the chance to get the best rock photo I have ever taken. Photo taken during The Late Show on December 6, 1981.

One person remarked, “I just finished reading this and I feel awful. So many people valued him. I must consider this. I’m thinking of you all.”

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