How Did Former KTVU anchor Leslie Griffith Die? cause of death explained

Leslie Griffith, a longtime reporter and anchor for the Bay Area, has away.

How Did Former KTVU anchor Leslie Griffith Die?

Leslie Griffith, a former KTVU anchor, passed away after battling Lyme disease.

The 66-year-old seasoned broadcaster presented the 10 p.m. news alongside now-retired journalist Dennis Richmond during his more than 20 years with the network.

Leslie Griffith cause of death

Leslie Griffith, a former Bay Area news anchor, has passed away, according to KTVU Channel 2 News.

According to the story, Griffith, who spent 20 years narrating the news on KTVU, passed away on Wednesday in Lake Chapala, Mexico. Griffith was diagnosed with Lyme disease in 2015 after being bitten by a tick while residing in Oregon, according to a family member who spoke to KTVU. She had a residence in Mexico as of 2016.

Who was Leslie Griffith?

As a weekend reporter and anchor for KTVU, Griffith went on to become one of the Bay Area’s most recognisable television reporters. In 1998, she started co-anchoring the “Ten O’Clock News.”

Leslie was a familiar face on KTVU for many years before she went away in Lake Chapala, Mexico.

KTVU anchor Leslie Griffith past sickness history

A family member has confirmed to KTVU news that Leslie had Lyme disease symptoms ever since she was bitten by a tick while residing in Oregon in 2015. She has lived there since 2016.

Griffith, a Texas native, passed away on August 10 near Lake Chapala, Mexico, according to family members.

As word of Griffith’s passing spread, dozens of memorials were left for her.

“She was one of those extremely lively, exuberant, you know, really alive folks,” former KTVU reporter John Sasaki said.

“She was always present, and you knew it. She simply possessed a great deal of influence within the newsroom.”

Tribute to Leslie Griffith

great friend

Emmy-winning journalist Kevin Wing

Very depressing night tonight, he said. I’ve known Leslie Griffith for 35 years, and we started working together at KTVU in the late 1980s.

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She was a dear friend to me and a sweet gal and I’ll miss her terribly. Gone too soon. Rest in peace, dear Les. I’ll miss you.

Emmy-winning journalist Kevin Wing described Griffith

hurts her heart

CNN correspondent Sara Sidner said Griffith’s death

Added her: “Griffith had a very wacky personality.

“She advocated for quality reporting on numerous occasions.

How Did Former KTVU anchor Leslie Griffith Die? cause of death explained
How Did Former KTVU anchor Leslie Griffith Die? cause of death explained

“She has also defended me on a few occasions. She was a powerhouse.”

Leslie Griffith family

Griffith departed KTVU in 2006 and went on to work as a journalist for the Denver Post, Associated Press, Huffington Post, and The Chronicle.

Trenton, Carly, Eric, her adoptive son, and two grandkids are her surviving children.

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