How Did Ernesto Cavour Die? Death Cause Of the Bolivian master of the charango explained

Ernesto Cavour, the charango maestro and founder of the Bolivian Charango Society, died at the age of 82. He was also a musician, researcher, composer, and musician.

How Did Ernesto Cavour Die?

Ernesto Cavour, a musician, composer, and researcher known as the “master of the charango” in Bolivia, passed away this past Sunday at the age of 82, according to the Bolivian Charango Society (SBC), a group he formed in 1973.

The SBC released a statement that reads, “An icon of Bolivian folklore, creator of the SBC, a great reference of music who has left his essence in all of us, has passed leaving a vacuum in our hearts.”

“Really a big loss for Bolivian culture. A renowned Master who is revered as the world’s foremost authority on the Charango. The renowned charanguist Donato Espinoza said, “God have you in his Glory Dear Maestro Ernesto Cavour RIP.

The Museum of Musical Instruments will unveil Maestro Cavour’s remains.

Ernesto Cavour Wiki

Cavour was born on April 9th, 1940 in La Paz. He started working in the 1950s. The Bolivian Museum of Musical Instruments was under his direction. He was awarded various decorations, including the Andean Condor, for his exemplary performance.

As he gave concerts all around the world while performing more than 100 charango compositions, his music crossed national boundaries.

Ernesto Cavour’s musical career

Beginning in the middle of the 20th century, Cavour’s musical career was marked by going beyond musical interpretation. Over the years, he recorded more than thirty albums as a soloist and an equal number of recordings with ensembles like Los Jairas and the Dominguez-Favre-Cavour Trio.

In some of his concerts, Cavour improvised stories and tales, adding strange sounds from his charango while juggling it or adjusting the string tension to yet reach the right note.

He founded the Charango Museum in La Paz in 1962. Over time, it evolved into the Museum of Musical Instruments, which houses hundreds of pieces, primarily from Bolivia but also from other countries.

How Did Ernesto Cavour Die? Death Cause Of the Bolivian master of the charango explained
How Did Ernesto Cavour Die? Death Cause Of the Bolivian master of the charango explained

Cavour staged numerous musical performances in his home on Jaen Street in La Paz, as well as presentations, such as the annual Christmas concert he hosted with young musicians and children’s musicians.

Ernesto Cavour’s awards

Since he worked tirelessly to create several techniques for studying native instruments other than the guitar, such as the charango, quena, and zampoa, Cavour’s cerebral side was no less productive.

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He wrote a book on musical instruments in Bolivia in 2010 and followed it up with an encyclopaedic dictionary the following year.

He received the highest honour bestowed upon outstanding individuals by the Bolivian State, the Condor de los Andes, in 2013. EFE

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