How did Eison Chai die? Malaysian singer Cause of death Explained

Eison Chai, a Malaysian singer, died on (Aug 17) in Taiwan. He was 40. According to local authorities, the singer fell from the Luzhou MRT station building at about 10 a.m., according to a report by Focus Taiwan. He was declared dead on the scene. This is a very unfortunate incident.

How did Malaysian singer Eison Chai die?

Focus Taiwan reported that the 40-year-old singer was declared dead at the scene.

Although the local police claimed to have started an inquiry into the occurrence, no other information was given.

According to the police, an inquiry into the event has begun. Chai won the second season of the singing competition Super Idol. He is married to Hitomi Wu, a Taiwanese actress.

Eison Chai Cause of death

According to Taiwan’s Central News Agency, which cited the New Taipei City Police Department’s Luzhou Precinct, he fell from the Luzhou MRT station at about 10 a.m.c

He died on the scene, according to police, and an investigation is underway. The singer, better known as Ai Cheng, married Taiwanese actress Hitomi Wang in Taiwan in 2020, and the pair planned to throw a wedding dinner in Malaysia soon.

His management organization acknowledged his death and requested privacy for his widow. Chai had uploaded a succession of melancholy selfies on Facebook in the week leading up to his death, with philosophical remarks and Bible scripture quotes. Although there is no evidence of suicide till now.

Eison and his wife

Taiwanese media said that Hitomi had yet to remark on his death. On July 28, the pair, who married in 2020, celebrated their second wedding anniversary. Eison’s most recent Facebook broadcast was two days ago, when he sang for his audience. The video was then deleted from the account.

Between 2008 and 2009, he won the second season of Taiwan’s Super Idol, a singing competition. He also commented on another Facebook post, which has since been removed, “Love is the most difficult subject in the world, but it is also the simplest. Love her and you will have eternity!”

In 2020, Ai married Taiwanese actress and TV show host Hitomi Wang. However, according to SET News, his restaurant in Ximen recently lost NT$5 million (US$166,892). He recently acquired COVID as well, but he healed and returned to work. He also said that his blood pressure had increased to 180/120 millimetres of mercury as a result of stress (mm Hg). He tried to relax by drinking beer, but his symptoms intensified.

The most recent photo of Ai and his wife on his Facebook page was posted on August 6, when both could be seen smiling while attending a dance performance. However, since August 10, Ai has only posted images of himself with a blank look. The incident is presently being investigated by police. It is informed that he used to shut himself in a room, and they assumed he was sleeping until they heard sirens downstairs. According to reports, there is no suicide note.

Singer Eison recent projects

Cai rose to stardom after winning the second season of the talent program Super Idol in 2009. She has produced many albums and is also renowned for her roles in Taiwanese dramas such as Rookie’s Diary (2010 to 2011), I, My Brother (2011), and Feng Shui Family (2012). (2012 to 2014).

How did Eison Chai die? Malaysian singer Cause of death Explained
How did Eison Chai die? Malaysian singer Cause of death Explained

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