How Did Ebrahim Ghanbari Mehr Die? Cause of death explained

Ebrahim Ghanbari Mehr, an Iranian creator of musical instruments, passed away on August 12, 2022, at the age of 94. It remained unclear what caused his death.

How Did Ebrahim Ghanbari Mehr Die?

Ghanbari passed away at the age of 94. His birthday was August 1, 1928, and he passed away on August 12, 2022.

Cause of death

It was yet unknown what led to his passing.

The public is not aware of Ebrahim Ghanbari Mehr’s cause of death.

There are rumors that he passed away naturally.

Ebrahim Ghanbari Mehr Early Life

Ghanbari, who was born on August 1st, 1928, left school at the age of 11 because of the family’s financial predicament.

He started out in a forging, carpentry, and machining shop. Along the way, he had the opportunity to study music with Abolhassan Saba and free violin lessons.

Saba did more than teach Ghanbari Iranian music. Additionally, he taught him how to make violins.

He had brought Soren Araklyan, a Russian immigrant author of the book Monverni, to Ghanbari.

Following that, Ghanbari collaborated with Araklyan, who oversaw the Fine Arts Department and ultimately hired Ghanbari.

Ebrahim Ghanbari Mehr Career

Ghanbari attended the Watlo instrument-making school in France to develop his skills after Saba passed away.

In the end, Ghanbari earned a master’s degree in instrument design and went back to Iran.

He established his own workshop and produced more violins for both people and art schools.

A well-known violinist bought Ghanbari’s violin during the 1969 exhibition of Iranian instruments, which was put on by the then-minister of art and culture, and used it in a number of performances.

Following the Iranian revolution, Ghanbari retired in 1979, although he continued to operate a small workshop out of his home.

Ebrahim Ghanbari education

After completing his instrument-making master’s degree, Ghanbari went back to Iran. He began to invite several builders to his workshop so they might collaborate; some of them did, including Mr. Sanaati. Thus, he was able to produce more violins, some of which were sold to enthusiasts and others which were intended for art schools.

An exhibition of Iranian instruments was arranged in 1969 by the then-minister of art and culture. Ibrahim’s violin was played at the exhibition by a very well-known violist who purchased it directly and used it in numerous performances. People believed that Estrady Warious made the violin, but the violist insisted that Ghanbari, an Iranian maestro, had made it.

The challenges in Ebrahim Ghanbari Mehr life

When his father passed away when he was six, the family’s financial position deteriorated, At the age of 11, he stopped attending school and began working in carpentry, tinny, forging, and machining.

How Did Ebrahim Ghanbari Mehr Die? Cause of death explained
How Did Ebrahim Ghanbari Mehr Die? Cause of death explained

After a few years, due to his love of music, he was able to take free music lessons from Abolhassan Saba, who began teaching him how to play the violin. After some time spent notating the procedures and techniques used in Iranian and Western music, Saba offered to teach him how to construct violins.

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He and Saba traveled to see Russian immigrants and Monverni author Soren Araklyan hear about his theories and musical study. The head of the Fine Arts Department hired Ganbari after Araklyan introduced them. In a year, Saba passed away.

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