How Did Claudio Garella Die? Former Verona & Napoli Goal keeper Cause of death explained

According to numerous sources in Italy, former Napoli and Hellas Verona goalkeeper Claudio Garella passed away at the age of 67.

The 67-year-old goalie had already won championships with Maradona’s Napoli and Hellas Verona. He was “the only goalkeeper who rescued without hands” in the words of the attorney Agnelli.

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How Did Claudio Garella Die?

According to La Gazzetta dello Sport and Sky Sport Italia, the former goalie passed away in Turin this morning.

football mourning in the sport. Claudio Garella, a prominent figure in the 1980s between the posts of Verona and Naples, passed away at the age of 67.

He won the title with Hellas in 1985 and then repeated the feat with the Azzurri two years later, elevating the Cup to the heavens. He began his playing career with the Turin youth teams and went on to play for Lazio, Sampdoria, and Udinese before finishing at Avellino. Ironically, Napoli and Verona will face off on Monday during the opening round of the competition.

Claudio Garella cause of death

Italian champion in 1985 with the Scala family and in 1987 with the Neapolitans, Claudio Garella was a former goalie for Naples and Hellas Verona.

Garella passed away on Friday, August 12, 2022, after a protracted illness. He had last spoken to the Arena on May 16, 2020, for his 65th birthday.

Three days later, he left. from his game, Verona-Napoli, prior to the title, as in the Scudetto year on the banks of the Adige, an endeavour to which he made a significant contribution.

He passed away overnight. The former extreme defender passed away at age 67 from cardiac issues after surgery. The TuttoMercatoWeb editorial staff sends its deepest sympathies to the man’s family and friends.

Who was Claudio Garella?

Garella was a member of the 1985 Hellas Verona team that captured the club’s lone Scudetto. With Napoli in 1986–1987, he added a Serie A championship and a Coppa Italia to his collection of awards.

In Serie A, he also played for Torino, Lazio, and Udinese. In Serie B, he played for Novara, Sampdoria, and Avellino.

After his playing career ended, he worked at Pecetto Torinese (Promozione) and Canavase in Serie D as a goalkeeper teacher, director, and scout.

At the Stadio Bentegodi on Monday, his current clubs Napoli and Verona will square off in the Serie A season opener.

True hero to Veronese fans – ‘Garellik’

Claudio Garella revived his career at the right time and in the right places, those where a Scudetto had never been seen: Verona before, in 1985, and Naples two years later, to preserve what Diego Armando Maradona created. At Lazio, it had been Paperella, and Beppe Viola had renamed his mistakes the “garellik.”

But the absolutely unique style of defence of their goal, with atypical and atypical saves, at the same time very effective, is what will endure for all time in the memories of those who witnessed him play and in the imagination of those who only later learned – due to age reasons – the sporting feats. His manner earned him the moniker “Garellik.”

A true hero to a generation of Veronese supporters and, more broadly, to all Italian football supporters.

Claudio Garella, a goalie who made history for Napoli

The loss of Garella, a goalie who made history for Napoli, is mourned by the entire football community. He was one of the main figures in Napoli’s first blue championship, which occurred in the 1986–1987 season. At the start of the glimmering Maradonian era, in the summer of 1985, he landed in Naples.

He spent three seasons in blue, winning the Italian Cup and the flag. Claudio Garella, better known by his stage name “Garellik,” won two league championships with two previously unsuccessful teams: Verona in 1985 and Napoli in 1986. identifies the characteristics of a goalie who will always be remembered as the blue legend, including his or her human, emotional, and professional characteristics.

Claudio was a good giant, a humble person who got along well with everyone


Salvatore Bagni, who played alongside Garella while Napoli was in existence, too has a sweet memory. “Claudio was a decent giant who got along with everyone. He was also modest. A too decent person. He was alone and quite reserved, and I hadn’t heard from him in a while.

But I have really fond memories of him since he made himself loved and got along with everyone. At Ciro Ferrara’s farewell match in 2005, he was the last person I saw. He was the perfect friend and a frequent winner. He was independent and always supported his colleagues. It was hard for you to not have a good relationship with him “.

Garella was “the strongest goalkeeper in the world without hands”

Garella had somehow suffered as a result of being the sports director of amateur clubs in the Turin area while watching excellent football. But he was not a compromises-making artist, as evidenced by the tumultuous ways in which he left both Verona and Naples, first for his relationship with Bagnoli and then for that with Bianchi.

He was occasionally murky but always honest, even gruff but in actuality extremely good (In Naples he was one of the four “rebels” to read the statement against the coach).

How Did Claudio Garella Die? Former Verona & Napoli Goal keeper Cause of death explained
How Did Claudio Garella Die? Former Verona & Napoli Goal keeper Cause of death explained

In addition to two exceptional triumphs of their sort, he was most pleased with the definition of Avvocato Agnelli, which endures eternally. Garella was “the strongest goalkeeper in the world without hands,” according to him, who entered the locker room following a Verona-Juve game.

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He parried not only with his feet but also in scissoring, with his head, and even with his butt (in Verona -Udinese). As Furio Zara put it, “a large body at the service of the team, an absence of style that was himself his own.”

Claudio Garella family

His career spanned from Junior Casale to Novara, from Turin to Avellino, and included stops at Sampdoria, Udinese, Lazio, Verona, and Naples. It lasted from 1972 to 1991.

He departs with two kids, Chantal and Claudia, as well as his wife Laura.

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