How did Cartoonist Irshad Haider Zaidi die? Cause of death Explained

Irshad Haider Zaidi, well known as Zaidi Cartoonist and one of the top caricaturists in the nation, who made viewers of Geo News chuckle with his sarcastic cartoons, has passed away.

How did Cartoonist Irshad Haider Zaidi die?

Irshad Haider Zaidi, a well-known cartoonist and animator, passed away in this city on Wednesday. He gave people a satirical, humorous, and analytical perspective on political, social, and personal matters. He was known to everyone as Zaidi, the cartoonist.

His wife, one daughter, and four kids are the ones Irshad Haider Zaidi left behind.

Irshad Haider Zaidi cause of death

The cartoonist, who went by Zaidi, had recently been taken to the intensive care unit of a hospital due to kidney and respiratory problems.

He was the brother of Farhad Zaidi, a journalist who is the father of Hasan Zaidi, the editor of Dawn Magazine. Zaidi, who was born in Hyderabad, Deccan, moved to Lahore following the Partition. He also lived in Karachi for a sizable portion of his life.

Irshad Haider Zaidi career

Beginning his career with renowned poet Faiz Ahmed Faiz in the early 1950s, he produced a variety of editorial cartoons that won him acclaim and respect. He is not known for staying in his comfort zone, so when Geo News launched Animated Editorial Cartoons, the first in the nation, he embraced the animations that were emerging from sketching newspaper cartoons.

For many years, the news station created two of Zaidi’s most well-known characters, Ool and Jalool, offering sarcastic commentary on current events to a bigger TV audience. The GEO-Jang Group’s book “Zaidi kay Cartoons” also includes reproductions of Zaidi’s cartoons.

In the 1950s, Irshad Haider Zaidi began working for the Pakistan Times newspaper alongside Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Wol and Jalul, developed by Zaidi cartoonist for Geo, rose to fame as animated cartoon characters.

Geo and Jang Group has also released a book based on his chosen cartoons called “Stubborn Cartoons.”

Irshad Haider Zaidi family

Zaidi’s son remembered his father’s commitment to labour, understanding, and knowledge as an inspiration to follow while writing his memories of his father.

Irshad Haider Zaidi, a talented artist who entertained us for nearly 60 years with his wit and satire, is survived by his wife Yasmin, daughter, four sons, and seven grandchildren.

How did Cartoonist Irshad Haider Zaidi die? Cause of death Explained
How did Cartoonist Irshad Haider Zaidi die? Cause of death Explained

Geo and Jang Group has released a small fraction of his newspaper work. His work was collected in a book called “Zaidi Kay Cartoon,” which was released in 2007. He also contributed cartoons to the Hurriyat daily.

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