How Did Businessman, Philanthropist Charles Loudermilk Die? Cause of Death Revealed.

According to his family, Atlanta businessman and philanthropist Charles Loudermilk passed away at age 95 as a result of complications from a stroke.

How Did Businessman, philanthropist Charles Loudermilk Die?

Perhaps Loudermilk’s most well-known accomplishment is founding Aaron’s, a furniture and appliance rental business, in 1955.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported that Aaron’s began with $500 and developed into a business that generates $2 billion in revenue annually.

Charles Loudermilk Biography

57 years after creating the market leader in rent-to-own, Loudermilk retired in 2012. Along with being a leader in Aaron’s and in the home furnishings sector, Loudermilk was also involved in Atlanta politics and civil rights issues, supporting Andrew Young in the 1980 mayoral election.

Loudermilk was committed to making Atlanta a thriving, cohesive, and forward-thinking town throughout his life, according to a statement from Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens. His successes were numerous, and his actions reflected his credo of “work hard, dream big,” as evidenced by his work integrating disenfranchised Atlanta enterprises into the greater business sector.

Loudermilk, an Atlanta native, launched Aaron’s in 1955. Loudermilk claimed in his autobiography that the business lent furniture to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s team as it prepared for marches for voting rights in Alabama. Loudermilk recalled taking part in the third march with the group.

Aaron’s founder Charlie Loudermilk 

Loudermilk’s donations to charity increased along with the growth of his firm. He gave more than $35 million to a number of institutions and organisations, such as Covenant House, the University of North Carolina, and the Atlanta Food Bank.

Despite being a staunch Republican, he crossed the aisle to support and befriend Democratic candidates, most notably Andrew Young in his campaigns for mayor and congress. He would subsequently serve as chairman of the MARTA board of directors.

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The Loudermilk Companies, which is still involved in real estate development, was established after Loudermilk stepped down as Aaron’s chairman in 2012 and his family sold off their stock.

Mayor Andre Dickens condolences regarding Charles Loudermilk death

Following the news of Loudermilk’s passing this evening, mayor Andre Dickens issued a statement.

“I am very sorry to hear of Charles “Charlie” Loudermilk Srdemise. .’s He never wavered in his commitment to making Atlanta a prosperous, cohesive, and forward-thinking community. His accomplishments were numerous, and his actions reflected his motto of “work hard, dream big,” from his charitable work to his work integrating neglected Atlanta enterprises into the greater corporate sector. I’m thinking of his family and close friends.

How Did Businessman, Philanthropist Charles Loudermilk Die? Cause of Death Revealed.
How Did Businessman, Philanthropist Charles Loudermilk Die? Cause of Death Revealed.

In a joint statement, the Atlanta City Council said: “Charles ‘Charlie’ Loudermilk Sr. loved the city of Atlanta and stayed dedicated to fostering civic pride and bringing the neighbourhood together throughout his life. His departure has left us deeply heartbroken, and we are thinking of his family. He always had our city’s future in mind, and his life served as a brilliant example of philanthropy and toil. He will always be regarded as a stalwart of the neighbourhood.

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