How Did Bulgarian poet Ekaterina Yosifova Die? Cause of death explained

Ekaterina Yosifova, a prominent Bulgarian poet, passed away. She was an 81-year-old author of numerous poetry collections and children’s books.

How Did Bulgarian poet Ekaterina Yosifova Die?

Ekaterina Yosifova, a celebrated poetess from Bulgaria, passed away on Saturday at the age of 81, according to her family.

one of our greatest Bulgarian poets, a delicate anarchist. She had a unique grace, rapture and elegance, sharpness as well, joy for others, care for the younger

In his Facebook profile, the writer Georgi Gospodinov

Who was Ekaterina Yosifova?

She was raised in Kyustendil and attended the University of Sofia to study Russian. Yosifova worked as a high school teacher and then as a newspaper editor in Kyustendil.

Both Kuso putuvane (Brief Journey) and Noshtem ide vyatur (The Wind Comes at Night) were published by Ekaterina Yosifova in 1969 and 1972, respectively. Yosifova was promoted as editor-in-chief of the literary journal Struma.

Ekaterina Yosifova famous works

  • Kuso patuvane (Short travel)
  • Noshtem ide vyatar (Wind is coming at night)
  • Posveshtenie (Dedication)
  • Kushta v poleto (House in the field)
  • Imena (Names)
  • Podozrenia (Suspicions)
  • Nenuzhno povedenie (Useless conduct)
  • Malko stihotvorenia (Few poems)
  • Nishto novo (100 stihotvorenia) (Nothing new: 100 poems)
  • Nagore nadolu (Up and down)
  • Ratse (Hands)
  • Tazi zmiya (This snake)
  • Tunka knizhka (Slim booklet)

Her writing that has been translated has appeared in the following anthologies:

  • Windows on the Black Sea
  • Clay and Star
  • The Manyvoiced Wave
  • An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry

Ekaterina Yosifova Awards and Achievements

Her poems have been published in numerous other languages in addition to Bulgarian, including German, French, English, Italian, Russian, and others. She was given the Union of Bulgarian Writers’ Annual Poetry Awards three times for the books “House in the Field,” “Suspicions,” and “Unnecessary Behavior.” For “A Few Poems,” there is also a prize for the best book of the year.

How Did Bulgarian poet Ekaterina Yosifova Die? Cause of death explained
How Did Bulgarian poet Ekaterina Yosifova Die? Cause of death explained

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Yosifova received the “Ivan Nikolov” prize for both her overall body of work and the poetry book “This Snake.” “Downward” is a book of poetry that won the fiction category of the Ministry of Culture’s “Hr. G. Danov” award. The poetry prize “Nikolai Kanchev”. bTV remembers the “Orpheus Wreath” award for modern poetry.

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