How Did Bristol police dog Bear Die? Cause of death Revealed

At his retirement residence, a well-liked police dog Bear who worked for the Avon and Somerset Police passed away.

How Did Bristol police dog Bear Die?

A cherished police dog has passed away, according to Avon and Somerset Police. Between 2012 and 2018, bear was primarily served in the Bristol region.

Bear retired to a loving family in 2019 and was cared for by them until his death. Bear served as a working dog for a GP & TFSD team.

Between 2012 and 2018, Bear worked as a general-purpose police dog and a tactical gunfire support dog alongside his handler Rich.

He passed away “peacefully” yesterday, August 4, according to police, at his retirement residence in the Forest of Dean.

Yesterday, the Avon and Somerset Police tweeted about his departure, saying: “It’s with a heavy heart that we have to announce the very gentle passing of Bear. A devoted family provided him a beautiful retirement, and he retired there. Run away, Bear.

Police officers condolence on police dog Bear death

After retiring from his work as a police dog in 2019, Bear found his forever home on a farm in the Forest of Dean.

Yesterday evening, Bear’s family ran a Twitter account in his honour and paid respect to the former police canine.

“It hurts my heart to tell you that beloved Bear passed away today,” they stated. He went to sleep during his lunch nap and regrettably never emerged. He wasn’t ill, and he was still extremely busy on the farm and in great shape.

“There are so many special memories, including biting a DEFRA inspector who scaled the farm fence and staying by my daughter’s side throughout her surgery. So incredibly devoted, kind, and protective.

How Did Bristol police dog Bear Die? Cause of death Revealed
How Did Bristol police dog Bear Die? Cause of death Revealed

“Such a kind approach to kids. A more devoted friend is more than I could have hoped for. Good night, giant man.

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On Twitter, the homage has gotten more than 1.1k likes. Many Twitter users responded by sending their condolences to the Bear’s owners, the Avon and Somerset Police, and both.

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