How did Brian ‘Bruno’ Majola die? Cause of death Explained

Actor Brian ‘Bruno’ Majola has passed away.

Inconsolable while confirming the news with TshisaLIVE on Tuesday, his former cast member, actor Zola Hashatsi, said a statement had not yet been made.

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How did Brian ‘Bruno’ Majola die?

Although Majola’s family has not yet issued a statement, family members and close friends of the former Rhythm City singer have told City Press that he has passed away.

“I am not at all fine. But I can confirm that he has died away,” the relative added. “I need to meet with the family so that we can put a statement together and provide all the appropriate paperwork.

Brian ‘Bruno’ Majola Cause of death

The circumstances of his passing remain a mystery. The rapper-turned-actor reportedly passed away on Monday night at around 18:00. The rapper Hosh’s lover reportedly found his lifeless body after learning about it from persons close to the case. She was reportedly detained for interrogation, although it is unknown at this time whether the police have charged her with having a hand in the victim’s murder.

Early indicators point to suicide, according to a second unnamed source who spoke to Sunday World, but without official confirmation from the family, this information is still very speculative.

Who is Brian ‘Bruno’ Majola?

When Rhythm City was canceled, Bruno had a promising career as a rising entertainer. Before he began acting, Bruno was a member of the Kwaito duo Gumshev.

However, Majola received a five-year prison term for robbery just before the gang made its mainstream debut. Straight Out Of Prison is a suitable title for the debut album Bruno created for Gumshev out of this roadblock.

Brian ‘Bruno’ Majola’s Career

When Bruno was 15 years old, he was arrested for armed robbery and given a six-year sentence to serve in Johannesburg’s Leeuwkop Juvenile Facility.
In order to arrange a record deal with Ghetto Ruff after his release from prison in 2015, he spoke with music industry professional Lance Stehr.
He tried out for the part of Bongani Khumalo in the popular series Rhythm City a year later.

The multi-talented singer-songwriter created his own production company, Jamshack Records, and recorded two albums before passing away.

As a member of the kwaito duo Gumshev, Bruno recorded the albums Sphandu Cash and Straight Out of Prison.

Along with DJ Cleo, Bongani Fassie, Pro Kid, and many others, he has shared the stage with them.

Tribute to Brian ‘Bruno’ Majola

A day after Tokollo ‘Magesh’ Tshabalala’s lifeless body was found at his home, word of Bruno’s passing was received. Since then, admirers have paid respect to deceased celebrities on social media.

Here is how the internet responded to Bruno’s passing:

According to the Lord of the Wings,

On Rhythm City, Brian “Bruno” Majola played Bongane. He has passed away.

BRUNO, a former Rhythm City star, and rapper-turned-actor better known by his stage name has died.

The family of actor and Kwaito musician Brian “Bruno” Majola has acknowledged his passing but has provided no other information.

How did Brian ‘Bruno’ Majola die? Cause of death Explained
How did Brian ‘Bruno’ Majola die? Cause of death Explained

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