How Did Bob Le Sueur Die? Jersey Occupation Hero Cause of Death Explained.

How Did Bob Le Sueur Die? Jersey Occupation Hero Cause of Death Explained.
How Did Bob Le Sueur Die? Jersey Occupation Hero Cause of Death Explained.

At age 102, Bob Le Sueur passed away. Let’s see more about his cause of death in this article.

How Did Bob Le Sueur Die?

After a lengthy and remarkable life, Bob Le Sueur, the well-known islander passed away on Saturday at his house.

Bob Le Sueur Cause Of His Death

In order to get feedback on the occurrence, Daily Info Express is attempting to contact family and relatives. Still no response. Once we get enough data, we will update the page. We’ll shortly post more details about Cause of Death.

Who Was Bob Le Sueur?

During the German occupation, Mr. Le Sueur put himself in danger by assisting Russian slaves being transported through safe houses on the Island, notably Feodor Bury (also known as Russian Bill).

Comrade Louisa Gould’s death was the result of the same disregard for personal safety that led to her deportation and subsequent sentencing to a concentration camp for harboring a Russian slave laborer.

His Professional Life

In order to honour Mr. Le Sueur’s lifelong dedication to the Island, Jersey Heritage commissioned a portrait of him, which was unveiled at the Jersey Museum in 2007.

And in 2013, in addition to receiving an MBE for his community contributions, he was also recognized by the Soviet Union for his bravery in assisting Russian inmates.

Bob Le Sueur as the SS Vega, which delivered Red Cross supplies to the Island towards the end of the occupation, was documented
His memoir Growing up Fast, which was published in 2020, detailed his escapades.

He spoke about helping Russian slaves while they were under occupation during the book launch, saying: “I was very clandestine about everything, therefore I was never discovered.

Earlier this year, Mr. Le Sueur, who ran an insurance company in St. Helier during the war and later taught English and modern languages in Hautlieu, started a 5,000 step charity challenge in her garden to raise money to support Ukrainians fleeing the war. This is just one more instance of his sense of community.

Reactions Online

Matthew Hotton tweeted,

Occupation legend Bob Le Sueur has passed away aged 102. Here’s a lovely video of him talking about his memories of the Nazi Occupation of Jersey #RIP

@RemembranceCI22 tweeted,

🕯️OCCUPATION hero Bob Le Sueur has died aged 102.
Risked arrest & death during the German Occupation by helping Russian slave workers.
Many of Occupation generation are becoming less around us and makes our role even more important today. We hold the flame of remembrance 🔥

@VCJ_CCF_CC tweeted,

Very sad to hear of the passing of Bob Le Sueur MBE, an Old Victorian who I had the pleasure of meeting on a number of occasions. His story and heroism during WWII will forever be remembered.

ITV Channel News tweeted,

Bob Le Sueur has died at the age of 102.

During Jersey’s Nazi Occupation, Bob risked his life to help Russian slaves who had escaped awful working conditions. He was awarded an MBE for his bravery and continued to dedicate his life to helping others.

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