How Did Artist Rodolfo Bebán Die? cause of death explained

The 84-year-old artist Rodolfo Bebán passed away on Saturday night after spending several years in a nursing home. The Argentine Association of Actors for Television confirmed the information.

How Did Artist Rodolfo Bebán Die?

At the age of 84, actor Rodolfo Bebán passed away on Saturday night. There won’t be a wake, as sources close to the late artist told La Nación on Sunday. The renowned interpreter was a patient in a nursing facility.

According to the Argentine Association of Actors to Teleshow, the actor Rodolfo Bebán passed away on Saturday night at the age of 84. We bid the actor and director farewell with deep regret. His prolific artistic career has produced iconic works for the stage, screen, and television. has been a member of our union since 1962.

We support your kids, family, and loved ones through this trying time,” the organization said on social media to fire the extraordinary artist who had been confined to a nursing home for years.

Rodolfo Bebán Cause of death

the reason for death is still not specific

Rodolfo Bebán, an actor, passed away on Sunday at the age of 84. The artist was admitted to a nursing facility after being out of employment for a while.

Who was Rodolfo Beban?

Rodolfo Bebán was born in Ciudadela, Buenos Aires, on May 25, 1938, and was reared in Morón. His birth name was Rodolfo Tilli.

The last time he saw Claudia Lapacó, who was his wife from 1966 to 1970, was when she appeared alongside him in a play in 2011.

The actor’s great love was Gabriela Gilli, whom he met while filming the novel Malevo. They were married for 17 years and had three children together.

The heartthrob who knew how to shine as a famous participant in television, theatre, and the film was deeply affected by Gabriela Gilli’s death from depression in 1991.

Early life and career

Son of actor Miguel Bebán, he began performing in theatrical productions in the middle of the 1950s. In the 1960s, he gained the moniker “galán” for his appearances in popular soap operas starring Bárbara Mujica and Thelma Biral, such as “Love has a woman’s face.”

He appeared in classic television shows including “Malevo” (1972), “Mueca” (1973), “El Gato” (1976), and “Nazareno Reyes,” among others (1984). Additionally, he made a name for himself in comedies like “Strange couple,” “Butterflies are free,” and “Live a dream,” among others.

Since then, the actor has starred in numerous well-known television shows, including “High comedy,” “Romeo and Juliet,” “Four men for Eva,” “The price of power,” and “Marco, the Candidate.”

For example, in the movie “The lads from before did not use hair gel,” Bebán played the roles of “Juan Moreira” by Leonardo Favio, “Juan Manuel de Rozas” by Manuel Antán, and “the eternal lover of the milonga and in love with La Rubia Mireya.”

He made a name for himself in comedies while performing, including “Strange couple,” “Butterflies are free,” and “Live a dream,” among others.

Beyond the genre and the style of his performances, however, Bebán left his character’s mark on each role with his deep voice and his respected appearance.

Bebán maintained complete secrecy about his personal life, which he shared in large part with actress Gabriela Gili, with whom he had three children and who he remained with until his tragic death. Despite dominating as one of the undisputed leading men of the time, who attracted sighs and admiration from a large portion of the audience, Bebán maintained this secrecy throughout his career.

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How Did Artist Rodolfo Bebán Die? cause of death explained
How Did Artist Rodolfo Bebán Die? cause of death explained

With the announcement of his participation in the inaugural production that debuted the present Comafi Multiteatro in April 2001, we remember him. With the caption “Los gallants comb grey hair,” they continued from the Comafi Multiteatro, “From this Theater House we accompany his family in these terrible hours.

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