How did Anabel Gutiérrez die? Cause of death Explained

 Anabel Gutierrez, a Golden Age Mexican actress who co-starred with Pedro Infante in the film “School of Tramps,” died on the night of August 21; the cause of death was not disclosed.

The actress’s death was confirmed by the official Twitter account of Televisa Espectáculos, who played Mrs. Mara Espotaverderona Torquemada, widow of Lascurain, mother of the Chimoltrufia (florinda), in the program Chespirito.

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Mexican actress Anabel Gutiérrez died

Anabel Gutierrez, the first actress, and a familiar face in film, theatre, and television, died on Sunday, August 21, according to reports.

Televisa Espectaculos confirmed the tragic news and expressed sympathy to his family.

Anabel Gutiérrez Cause of death

the cause of death is still not specific.

Anabel Gutiérrez, a well-known comedian and actress from Mexico’s Golden Age, died at the age of 89 in the state of Puebla. She would turn 90 on September 5th.

Who is Anabel Gutiérrez?

Anabel Gutiérrez Aicua was born on September 5, 1931, in Mexico City.

After appearing as an extra in two films in 1949, “El Diablo no es Tan Diablo,” in which she played a yo-yo, and “La Liga de las Muchachas,” Gutiérrez began to be offered larger roles.

Career of Anabel Gutiérrez

One of her first roles was in the 1950 film “Deseada,” in which she played the older sister in an older sister / younger sister love triangle with Jorge Mistral. The film received five Ariel Award nominations and won for the best musical score. She also appeared in the film “Azahares para tu boda” with Fernando Soler, Marga Lopez, Sara Garcia, and Joaquin Pardavé the same year.

With that recognition came other opportunities, and Gutiérrez quickly became known as a young teenage star. She appeared in a number of films in quick succession, but her most memorable roles were in “Muchachas de uniforme” (1951), “Rostros olvidados” (1952), and “Escuela de vagabundos” (1954), for which she received an Ariel Award as a young actress. In 1956, she received an award for “Escuela de vagabundos.”

Some of her other memorable roles include: “La visita que no tocó el timbre” (1954) with Miroslava;[9] “Angelitos del trapecio” (1959) with Viruta y Capulina; “El coyote emplumado” (1983) with Mara Elena Velasco; and “La paloma de Marsella” (1999) with Germán Robles.

Gutiérrez began working in television in the late 1960s and developed a working relationship with Gómez Bolaos Roberto that would lead to her second fame. Her first series with him was in “El Ciudadano Gómez,” but her most famous role is “Doa Espotaverderona,” mother of “La Chimoltrufia” in television series Chespirito.

Awards of Anabel Gutiérrez

How did Anabel Gutiérrez die? Cause of death Explained
How did Anabel Gutiérrez die? Cause of death Explained

Nominated for best young actor for “Muchachas de uniforme” (1952). Ariel “Rostros olvidados,” nominated for best young actor in 1953. Ariel “Escuela de vagabundos” (1956), WON for Arie as a young actor.

Tributes to Anabel Gutiérrez

Following the actress’s untimely death, Televisa sent condolences to her family, friends, and acquaintances, writing on its official Twitter account:

“We mourn the sensitive death tonight of the first actress Anabel Gutiérrez; a great figure in Mexican cinema’s so-called Golden Age.” “Our heartfelt condolences go out to her entire family!”

John Joseph Origin, a communicator, also sent his condolences. “Rest in peace the actress Anabel Gutiérrez my deepest condolences to your daughter Amairani!” she wrote on the same social network.

Moisés Casab, an entertainment reporter, posted a selfie with the actress and lamented her death, which was confirmed on the night of August 21.

“Always happy memories!” Anabel Gutiérrez, dearly loved and admired, rest in peace! @macagarciarom @JLANoticias #AnabelGutierrez #QEPD”.

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Until Sunday night, her daughter Amairani Romero and his granddaughter Macarena Garcia, an actress, had not made public statements about Anabel Gutiérrez’s sensitive death.

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