How did Ambrose Harcourt die? ‘Mr Lurve’ Cause of death explained.

How did Ambrose Harcourt die? 'Mr Lurve' Cause of death explained.

Ambrose Harcourt, a radio veteran who was known to many listeners as Mr. Lurve and who worked for many years as a DJ on Southern FM, Juice 107.2, and more recently Regency Radio, has passed away. Let’s examine his manner of dying and Ambrose Harcourt’s specific causes of death.

How did Director of Regency Radio Ambrose Harcourt die?

Following a brief stay at the hospice, Ambrose Harcourt, vice president of St. Barnabas and Chestnut Tree House, passed away on Wednesday. Ambrose, a Worthing resident who went by the moniker “Mr. Lurve,” aired radio programmes for more than 50 years on stations in Sussex and the South of England. On Wednesday, he passed away at the St. Barnabas Hospice in Worthing with his loved ones by his side (August 31).

How did Director of Regency Radio Ambrose Harcourt die?

The cause of Ambrose Harcourt’s passing was never disclosed. “He will be deeply missed as a husband, father, and grandfather,” Ambrose’s family said in homage to the “most kind, caring, and inspirational” guy who “always had time and a hello for everyone.”

It is evident from the wonderful remarks and recollections of so many stories from those who knew him that he positively impacted a great number of lives. The family is extremely proud of all that he contributed to society through his charitable work and radio career.

Ambrose Harcourt’s cause of death

His reason of death hasn’t been made public as of yet. Daily info express have made an effort to get in touch with the family and close friends to ask them about the incident. There have been no answers as of yet. Once we get enough data, we’ll update this page. We’ll soon publish more details about Ambrose Harcourt’s cause of death.

We are incredibly heartbroken to report Ambrose Harcourt’s passing because he was a friend and a coworker we adored. The renowned Ambrose, better known to many of our listeners as Mr. Lurve, spent a considerable amount of time on the radio, performing on stations like Southern FM, Juice 107.2, and, more recently, right here on Regency Radio.

With his sexy voice, infectious smile, and excellent musical sense, Ambrose was more than just a DJ. He was a great performer, a dear friend, and an inspiration.

Who is Ambrose Harcourt?

The eldest of a large family, Ambrose, whose original last name was Obiajulu, left Nigeria by himself in 1964 in order to complete his studies in the UK.

He started off in Norwich before making his way to Kings Lynn. His love for music first manifested itself during his time in college, when he and a select group of his close friends started a company that planned events and concerts. As a result, Ambrose got his start as a DJ in bars and clubs in East London before going on to St. George’s Hospital radio in Tooting.

Ambrose Harcourt’s Career

Ambrose moved to Sussex in 1982 and subsequently started working for Southlands Hospital Radio. Here, he ran into radio DJ Simon Mayo, who suggested that he apply to a station that was just starting up. Regency Radio Brighton’s director of programming was Ambrose Harcourt. Additionally, he served as a presenter for The Love Hour, The Love Zone, and Sunday Soul Breakfast.

Ambrose then started using the stage name “Harcourt,” which is derived from the Nigerian city of Port Harcourt. Ambrose moved his family to Worthing at this time, and he later joined Southern Sound. Due to his distinctive voice and delivery, he went on to become one of the most well-known and adored commentators in the South.

Soul Direction, The Love Hour, Nighttime Heart and Soul, and the Love Zone were among Ambrose’s shows; his family described the infamous Love, Bites Top 3 as “compulsive listening.” Later, the station’s name was changed to Heart FM, then Southern FM.

Ambrose has had shows on Juice FM, Arrow FM, Sovereign FM, and other stations in Sussex and the south, in addition to Regency Radio, which he helped establish in Brighton. According to Jay Jackson of Regency Radio, “Ambrose leaves a void in Regency Radio that will never be filled and that no one could fill.

Ambrose Harcourt‘s Passion for football

Over the years, Ambrose has also worked in a number of entertainment-related sectors. He worked for the BBC as a continuity announcer on BBC1, BBC2, and Radio Five Live. On ITV Meridian and Sky UK Living, he also hosted the Looking for Love series.

The locations for the filming included Brighton and other Sussex locales. Ambrose recently played the iconic Brazilian footballer Pele in a TV commercial alongside Arsenal’s Gabriel Jesus.

Ambrose had been a Chelsea season ticket holder for more than 30 years, and he also enjoyed watching football. Ambrose had ties to numerous organisations over the years, two of which were especially important to him and for which he had spent more than 20 years working.

Achievements of Ambrose Harcourt

He served as vice president for Chestnut Tree House, Sussex’s only children’s hospice, and St. Barnabas House, a hospice that offers palliative care. Here, Ambrose was cared for during his final few days. Ambrose’s family claims that he worked very hard to generate money for these charities.

He raised $143,000 by taking part in a cycling challenge and a breathtaking five-day hike up the Inca Trail in Peru. Ambrose completed this accomplishment in 2019 not long after experiencing hard medical therapy for his condition.

He also worked with The Princes Trust, British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research, Scope, and Mencap in addition to many more organisations. “We will carry on his wonderful work in his honour by naming our new studios after him once they are ready,” Jay Jackson of Regency Radio stated. “He will never be forgotten and always in our hearts.”

Tributes to Ambrose Harcourt

After hearing the tragic news of Ambrose Harcourt’s passing, his fans, colleagues, and close friends have extended their condolences to his family.

Nick described,

Hello, Ambrose I’m at a loss for words and don’t even know where to start. It has come as a complete shock to learn of your demise, and I still can’t believe it. I’ll never forget your encouraging phone call when I first started giving the travel news. You complimented it on how amazing it sounded before urging me to write about some of the Brighton and Hove events. Every event I cover moving forward will be for you. Peace be with you, dear friend. Many Loves,

Jay Jackson mentioned.

Regency Radio has a gaping void left by Ambrose that neither can nor will be replaced. The awful news has rocked the whole Regency Radio staff. Ambrose was a genuine expert in his field. He appeared to do it naturally, and his voice blended in with the music he played. Even if he only uttered my name on AIR, I would still be giddy from the mere sound of his voice. Ambrose was an excellent person.

John Dodson

Such terrible news. Ambrose was always the best late-night radio host; I used to adore listening to him on Southern FM, and it was an honour to work with him here at Regency Radio in Brighton.

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