How did Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya die? former chairman of PDP in Jigawa State cause of death Explained

How did Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya die? former chairman of PDP in Jigawa State cause of death Explained

Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya, a former leader of the PDP in the Dutse local government, has passed away. In this article we will see in detail about how did he die? and what was his cause of death.

How did Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya die?

Mustapha Sule Lamido confirmed the passing of Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya on his Facebook page. The message reads,

We receive with sadness, the death of the former Jigawa State PDP Chairman, Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya. He died after a protracted illness.
I express my condolence to his immediate family and close associates. I also pray that Allah (SWT) have mercy on his soul and grant him Jannatul Firdaus.
Inna Lillahi wa Inna Ilaihir Raji’un.
©Santurakin Dutse

Mustapha Sule Lamido 

Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya cause of death

The reason of death has not yet been disclosed.

Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya’s cause of death has not been disclosed by Mustapha Sule Lamido or any of his relatives.

However, it appears that little can be spoken at this moment until the family issues a formal statement regarding the situation. As always, once this news is verified, we will look into it and notify you.

We must thus wait till the family members have had the time and space to absorb this enormous loss.

Once we get enough data, we will update the page. We’ll soon provide more details regarding Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya’s cause of death.

Who was Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya?

He was a former member of parliament, then former chairman of PDP, branch of Dutse local government Jigawa state.

The funeral will take place tomorrow morning at 9:00. Amen. May God pardon him and all of his transgressions.

Fans and followers paid their tributes on social media

Auwal Salihu said,

May Allah have mercy for him and make jannatul fiddaus be his last home

Musty Inuwa Muhd said,

May Almighty Allah forgive his short coming and let Aljannah fiddausi be his final abode together with our parents

Hassan Abdullahi said,

May Allah in His infinite mercy forgive All his Short comings and connect with the beloved prophet Muhammad saw and His family household.

Yazeed Ado Ibraheem said,

From Allah we are, and him we shall returned

Today 25/11/2022

Our capacitated leader is passed away which is honourable Alhaji Awaisu Hudu Sakwaya may his gentle soul continue rest in peace and jannah be his final abode Ameen ya Allah

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