How did Aleksandr Gorshkov die? 1st Olympic ice dance champion cause of death Explained

How did Aleksandr Gorshkov die? 1st Olympic ice dance champion cause of death Explained

Aleksandr Gorshkov, a Russian skater and the first Olympic ice dancing champion, passed away on Thursday at the age of 76, the Russian Figure Skating Federation announced. Let’s see in detail about the Aleksandr Gorshkov cause of death.

How did Aleksandr Gorshkov die?

Alexander Gorshkov, a key figure in Russian figure skating who later won the first ice dance gold medal at the 1976 Olympics, has passed away. He was 76.

Without providing any other information, the Russian Figure Skating Federation stated in a statement on Thursday that Gorshkov “died abruptly.”

Aleksandr Gorshkov cause of death

The reason of death has not yet been disclosed.

However, it appears that little can be spoken at this moment until the family issues a formal statement regarding the situation. As always, once this news is verified, we will look into it and notify you.

In order to get feedback on the occurrence, Daily Info Express is attempting to contact family and relatives. Still no response. Once we have enough data, we will update the page. Soon, more details regarding Gorshkov’s cause of death will be added.

Who was Aleksandr Gorshkov?

Gorshkov’s birthdate is October 8, 1946. At age six, he started skating after his mother learned that there were openings at the Sokolniki skating school. After a year, he was transferred to the weakest group, but his mother moved him to a stronger group when a new coach took over.

Lyudmila Pakhomova extended the invitation to him in 1966 while he was a skater for CSKA Moscow. Some experts had doubts about her decision because he had so much less experience. Gorshkov claimed that despite their initial lack of experience, Pakhomova had a strong personality and was adamant that they would win the championship.

Gorshkov career

Under the direction of their coach Elena Tchaikovskaia, Pakhomova/Gorshkov started their training in May 1966. In December of that same year, they made their international debut. They battled it out for Dynamo. The two became close when they teamed up, and Gorshkov even suggested they be married. Pakhomova, however, said they would only get married if they won the World Championship.

Pakhomova/Gorshkov participated in the 1968 Winter Olympics’ ice dancing demonstration event, which successfully decided whether ice dancing would be introduced as an official Olympic sport. They got hitched in 1970 after winning their first world championship. In 1971, 1972, 1973, and 1974, the team won the World Championship twice. The Tango Romantica was developed in 1974 by Pakhomova/Gorshkov and Tchaikovskaia, and the ISU later made it a required dance.

Gorshkov lung operation

Gorshkov underwent a lung operation after the 1975 European Championships after becoming ill and their coach Elena Tchaikovskaia gave blood. Unsure of their participation, they took a plane to Colorado Springs, Colorado, for the 1975 World Championships. Gorshkov required oxygen during the first practise session due to breathing difficulties, so they withdrew from the competition.

The head of the Soviet Sports Committee called Gorshkov to see if he was still alive after hearing rumours in the Soviet Union that he had passed away during the flight to the United States.

Pakhomova died of Leukemia

The following season, Pakhomova/Gorshkov returned to compete. At the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck, Austria, ice dancing had its Olympic debut, as Pakhomova/Gorshkov won the first ice dance gold medals. At 1976, they captured their sixth world championship in Goteburg, Sweden. Later that year, they ended their competitive careers. They have a daughter named Yulia Gorshkova in 1977.

Leukemia claimed Pakhomova’s life on May 17, 1986. The World Figure Skating Hall of Fame inducted Gorshkov and his deceased spouse in 1988.

Later, Gorshkov led the ice dance technical committee of the International Skating Union. On June 4, 2010, a voting session was conducted in Novogorsk, where he was unanimously chosen to lead the Russian Figure Skating Federation. He served as the head of the Pakhomova-inspired regional public charitable foundation for the arts and sports.

Gorshkov later wed Irina Ivanovna Gorshkova; their son, Stanislav Belyaev, is their stepson.

Tribute to Gorshkov

Sporting Obituaries said,

#RIPAleksandr Gorshkov

(76) First #IceDance Olympic Champion with his wife, Lyudmila Pakhomova at the 1976 #WinterOlympics. 6 time World Champions. President of the Russian Skating Federation since 2010

Winter Olympics 1976

World Championships 1970-1974, 1976

Vano Klertiashvili said,

Legendary ice dancer Alexander Gorshkov with Lyudmila Pakhomova, won six world titles in seven years starting in 1969. When ice dance became an Olympic event the pair won the first gold at Innsbruck Olympic in 1976.R.I.P Aleksandr Gorshkov (October 8, 1946 – November 17, 2022)

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