How did Airport baggage handler Jermani Thompson die? Conveyor belt accident at New Orleans airport

How did Airport baggage handler Jermani Thompson die? Conveyor belt accident & Cause of death.

According to officials, a baggage handler at a New Orleans airport died when her hair became entangled in a belt loader’s gear.

How did Jermani Thompson die?

A spokeswoman informed WVUE-TV that the bizarre incident occurred Tuesday at about 10 p.m. when Jermani Thompson, 26, was unloading a Frontier Airlines aircraft that was parked at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport.

How did Jermani Thompson die?

The horrifying incident occurred on the “apron,” where planes are maintained, loaded, and unloaded, according to the station.

Following the event, Thompson was taken to the hospital where he was later pronounced deceased. As a result, Frontier cancelled one flight for Wednesday.

When did Airport baggage handler Jermani Thompson died?

Uncertainty persists regarding the accident’s timeline. However, a number of passengers at the airport questioned how it could have even happened.

They questioned the extent to which the company’s safety policies went. Patrick Zertuche, a visitor from San Antonio, remarked, “You wear a hairnet at a restaurant. Why aren’t you doing a better job of protecting people in a workplace that is potentially so dangerous?”

Tribute to Jermani Thompson who died at New Orleans airport

A spokeswoman for the airline issued a statement to saying, “We send our heartfelt condolences following the terrible death of a death member of our ground handling business partner.”

“During this trying moment, our thoughts are with her family and loved ones,” According to accounts, Thompson works for GAT Airline Ground Support.

GAT CEO Mike Hough told, “We are heartbroken and are helping her family and her friends as best we can.

Thompson was a skilled basketball player who had competed for Hesston College in Kansas and Tougaloo College in Mississippi, according to her distraught mother, who spoke to the news source.

She was my little girl. “Everyone loved her,” Angela Dorsey said in an interview with on Wednesday. “I just don’t know what to say. I’m completely blank.

The airport department show their condolence toward the death of Jermani Thompson

The following remark was made by Kevin Dolliole, aviation director at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport:

“We are profoundly grieved by the terrible passing of Jermani Thompson, a member of the GAT Airline Ground Support crew.

Our partners at GAT and Fontier Airlines as well as the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport send their condolences to her family and friends. We will continue to offer one another assistance in any manner we can during this tough time because Jermani was a member of our Airport family.

Traveler Blaire passes the excuse on Jermani Thompson, for preventing the airport’s safety to be questioned

The regulations are “something the airport itself needs to take on,” said traveller Blaire Bass in more comment. Bass expressed her wish that the situation would be resolved such that it would never occur again.

The employee handbook of GAT was discovered by WWL-TV. On page 30, it states: “To avoid interfering with job performance, long hairstyles should be worn with hair pulled back from the face and neck.” It is unknown if Thompson was abiding by this rule when the incident occurred.

Insisting that GAT would “never put safety before on-time performance,” Hough adds that he reminded staff of this principle in a company-wide email last week.

WWL-TV then inquired about the severity of the hair policy’s enforcement. Hough is still silent.

Armstrong International and Frontier Airlines each sent condolences to Thompson’s family through their respective spokespeople.

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