How Did AG prosecutor Karl Muscat Die? Autopsy Finds & Cause of Death Explained.

An autopsy revealed that Karl Muscat, the attorney general’s office prosecutor who was discovered dead in his Swieqi house on Wednesday, passed away from heart failure.

How Did AG prosecutor Karl Muscat Die?

According to a police statement, the body “had no traces of violence on it or any other signs of injuries which could suggest that he defended himself from any attack,” according to the medical assessment.

Further investigations will now identify what caused Muscat’s heart failure after it was discovered that he died of cardio-respiratory failure.

Karl Muscat – Cause of Death

Karl Muscat, the prosecutor at the Attorney General’s office who was found dead in his Swieqi home on Wednesday, died of cardiorespiratory failure, according to an autopsy.

In a statement, police said that the autopsy found no signs of violence or injuries.

The statement states, “The body exhibited no traces of violence on it or any other signs of injuries that could have suggested he defended himself from any aggression.”

There is no mention of any toxicological tests in the statement. Both the magisterial probe and the police inquiries are still ongoing.

Last Wednesday, Muscat’s body was discovered in his Swieqi residence. Although they emphasised that nothing was being eliminated, police initially did not think that any outside parties were involved.

A police spokeswoman informed the media on Wednesday that due to the manner in which the body was discovered, nothing could be ruled out until an autopsy determined the precise cause of death.

A recent suspension from duty for Muscat stemmed from what has been described as an infraction committed while under the influence of alcohol, according to information obtained by MaltaToday.

Police investigation in Karl Muscat death

At around 12.45 p.m. on Wednesday, family members discovered the 43-year-old unconscious in his Triq is-Sirk house and dialled 911. He was declared dead at the spot despite efforts by medical personnel to revive him.

At the time, police told the media that they didn’t think any outside parties were involved. Despite this, many conjectured that the lawyer might have been murdered; however, reports say this has been ruled out as a result of the autopsy.

How Did AG prosecutor Karl Muscat Die?  Autopsy Finds & Cause of Death Explained.
How Did AG prosecutor Karl Muscat Die? Autopsy Finds & Cause of Death Explained.

Muscat worked on several prominent cases at the attorney general’s office. When necessary, he filled in for colleagues in the trials against Yorgen Fenech and Keith Schembri while also serving as the primary prosecutor in the case against car dealer and suspected kidnapper Christian Borg.

The fact that Triq is-Sirk, where Muscat resided, has a troubled recent history added fuel to the rumours. In July 2020, Melvin Theuma, the self-described middleman in the murder of Daphne Caruana Galizia, was discovered in critical condition after he stabbed himself multiple times in a home on that same street.

Karl Muscat career

The Times of Malta was informed by sources that Muscat just had his employment suspended due to an assault claim.

Muscat was once a 2019-elected local council member for Rabat for the Nationalist Party. In order to start working for the Office of the Attorney General, he resigned in October 2020.

The prosecutor received plaudits from the Maltese courts for substituting himself for his colleagues during a number of important money laundering sittings when they were on strike.

The prosecution of Yorgen Fenech, the man accused of planning the murder of journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, and Vince Buhagiar, the former chairman of Progress Press and Allied Group director accused of laundering kickbacks from former OPM Chief of Staff Keith Schembri’s Kasco Group, received praise from Magistrate Donatella Frendo Dimech Court in March for Karl Muscat’s commitment to the case.

Muscat was also in charge of the prosecution of Ryan Schembri, the former proprietor of More Supermarkets, who reportedly left the country in 2014 with debts totaling €40 million.

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The investigation into the death of the Rabat native and son of the late PN MP Pierre Muscat is being overseen by magistrate Gabriella Vella.

The prosecutor briefly followed in his father’s political profession by serving on the Rabat local council as a PN representative between 2019 and 2020 for slightly over a year before refocusing on his legal career.

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