How did Actress Valeria Seciu die? Cause of death Explained

How did Actress Valeria Seciu die? Cause of death Explained

According to a UNITER release, Valeria Seciu, one of the greatest theatrical and movie actresses of her generation, passed away on Tuesday at the age of 83.

Valeria seciu cause of death

After the Revolution, Valeria Seciu, who was married to the actor Octavian Cotescu, established the Levant Theatre, one of the country’s first independent theatre companies. Valeria Seciu had notable parts in plays and movies.

Valeria seciu cause of death

Her reason of death hasn’t been made public as of yet. Daily info express have made an effort to get in touch with the family and close friends to ask them about the incident. There have been no answers as of yet. Once we get enough data, we’ll update this page. We’ll soon publish more details about Valeria seciu’s cause of death.

Tribute to Valeria seciu

Valeria Seciu, an actress, passed away at the age of 83.

Tribute to Valeria seciu

The message of UNITER, posted on the Facebook page, reads, “We learnt with grief that on the morning of September 6, the extraordinary theatre, cinema, radio, and television actress, VALERIA SECIU, left us. We’ll be back tomorrow with funeral information. May God forgive her and rest her.”

Valeria seciu profession

The name Valeria Seciu was well-known in the theatre and film industries. She had significant roles in plays and movies, and she was married to actor Octavian Cotescu.

One of the first independent theatre organisations in Romania after the Revolution was the Levant Theater, created by Valeria Seciu. Valeria Seciu became 83 years old in August of this year. The actress was born in Bucharest on August 1st, 1939.

Valeria seciu career

According to Radio România Cultural, Valeria Seciu performed on the stage of the “IL Caragiale” National Theater in Bucharest from the year of her graduation until 1977 in productions like “Otilia’s Enigma” (1968), “The Idiot” (1969), “Who Afraid of Virginia Wolf?” (1970), “King Lear,” or “Richard III.”

He performed on the stage of the Little Theater in Bucharest beginning in 1978.
Numerous more parts were also played by Valeria Seciu in movies like “Ion: The Curse of the Earth, the Curse of Love,” “Fox Hunting,” “Adela,” and “I’m a Communist Grandma.”

Valeria seciu career in film debut

He also made his acting debut, appearing in Andrei Blaier’s Casa neterminata. After spending two years in Cluj, Romania, where she performed two roles in the plays Androcle and the Lion by George Bernard Shaw and Vlaicu Vodă by Alexandru Davila, she returned to the National Theater in Bucharest, where, aside from a few brief collaborations, he never left until 1978 when he joined the ensemble of Teatrulu Mic.

Valeria seciu’s artist career

His complete artistic development took place here, under the guidance of the writer Dinu Săraru, in collaboration with the director Cătălina Buzoianu, and in storied stage collaborations with the actors Stefan Iordache and Gheorghe Visu. In plays like Let’s Dress the Naked, The Master and Margaret, Some Peasants, The Starry Sky Above Us, and The Lady with the Camellias, he developed the major roles of this theatre.

His notable accomplishments include the Arta iubirii recital or the role of Arkadina from Chekhov’s The Seagull, both of which were performed at the Little Theater during the 1990s. He founded and directed the Levant Theater, one of the first gender-neutral organisations to emerge following the fall of the communist regime.

Valeria seciu collaborated with Nottara Theater

She worked with director Alexandru Dabija at the Nottara Theater in 1998 on the production of “The Long Way of the Day to the Night (E. O’Neill),” for which she later received a nomination at the UNITER Gala for best leading female part. After 2000, she makes fewer stage appearances, but each one is well received by audiences and critics.

Two of her most recent works—Esme Allen in How Amy Thinks by David Hare, directed by Cătălina Buzoianu, Teatrul Mic, 2006, and Gloucester in Lear, after William Shakespeare, directed by Andrei erban, Bulandra Theatre, 2008—have even received awards from UNITER.

Valeria seciu achievements

The state president also gave the actress the commemorative medal “150 years since the birth of Mihai Eminescu” in 2000 for her exceptional contributions to the promotion and interpretation of the poet’s work, particularly through the production of Trecut-au anii, a poetry and music recital that was performed for years on various stages by the clarinettist Aurelian Octav Popa, the actors Ion Caramitru, and Ovidiu Iuliu Moldovan. She created a variety of personas for radio theatre in addition to the parts she played on stage or in the movies.

Valeria seciu marriage

Octavian Cotescu, an actor, was the husband of Valeria Seciu. Their son Alexandru was born in 1968. Monk Daniil, who has been a monk at Mount Athos since 2000, was a contributor to the most current Romanian translation of the Everghetinos collection of theological literature (known in Greek as “Binefcătorea”).

Praise be to God!

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