How Did actress Rossana Di Lorenzo Die? Cause of death explained

Rossana Di Lorenzo, good-bye. In her home in Rome, the actress passed away today. She was Maurizio Arena’s sister and was 84 years old. His nephew Pino Insegno, who is also an actor, broke the news.

Rossana Di Lorenzo is most known for playing Alberto Sordi’s wife in the movies “The Couples,” for which she was nominated for a Nastri d’Argento for best supporting actress in 1971, and “The Common Sense of Modesty,” which was also directed by the same actor.

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How Did actress Rossana Di Lorenzo Die?

Rossana Di Lorenzo, aunt of Pino Insegno and sister of Maurizio Arena, passed away. Laster broke the depressing news. The actress passed away on August 13 in her home in Rome.

Rossana Di Lorenzo, an actress who co-starred with Alberto Sordi, passed away Thursday at the age of 84 in her home in the Garbatella area.

Rossana Di Lorenzo cause of death

The woman, who was 84 years old, died for unknown reasons at this time.

She was nominated for best supporting actress at the Nastri d’Argento in 1971 for her performance as Alberto Sordi’s wife in the segment “La camera” of the movie “The Couples,” and she also appeared in the actor’s other directorial effort, “The Common Sense of Modesty.”

Who was Rossana Di Lorenzo?

She made her acting debut in 1970 as Alberto Sordi’s wife in a scene of the anthology movie Le coppie. She was born in Rome and is the sister of actor Maurizio Arena.

In a scene from the Sordi comedy film Il comune senso del pudore, she played the part once more in 1976. She has been working for almost 25 years, and her credits include films by Carlo Vanzina, Vittorio Gassman, Mauro Bolognini, Luigi Zampa, and Ettore Scola. For her work in Scola’s Le Bal, she received a David di Donatello nomination in 1983 for Best Supporting Actress.

In Carlo Vanzina’s “Christmas Holidays,” it was Erminia at that time. In addition to comedies like “The President of Borgorosso Football Club,” “Do you allow madam that you love your daughter?” “Hearts in the Storm,” “The killer is the one with the yellow shoes,” and “Wild Beds,” she also starred in dramas like “The Ferramonti inheritance” and “Ballando ballando” by Ettore Scola, which earned her a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in the David Awards in 1983–84.


Years ago, Rossana Di Lorenzo discussed the beginnings of her film career in an interview with Tv2000. In 1970, a Sordi collaborator who lived close to my home called to inform me that I needed to speak with him. What was I supposed to say to him, though? While I ran a flower shop, my brother worked in film.

I assumed it was a prank, so I instructed him to phone me the next day at 2:00 in order to avoid being duped. Instead, he was specific, and when I responded, I knew it was Alberto because of his chuckle,” the actress recalled.

Rossana Di Lorenzo also mentioned her brother Maurizio Arena at that time, saying, “My brother is wonderful, they handed all negative things to me… Although our personalities are somewhat similar, he was considerably more innocent than I was.

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She explained of her nephew Gianmaurizio that since their brother passed away, their relationship deepened to the point that they now view him as more than just a nephew—almost like a son (while Pino Insegno is the son of her sister). There were plenty of intriguing facts: “My friends dubbed me Sora Garbatella because I knew how to cook raw meat.

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How Did actress Rossana Di Lorenzo Die? Cause of death explained
How Did actress Rossana Di Lorenzo Die? Cause of death explained
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