How Did Actress Robyn Griggs Die? Cause of death explained

The actress Robyn Griggs passed away following a protracted battle with cancer. She is best known to daytime viewers for her appearances on Another World and One Life to Live in the 1990s. She was 49 years old.

How Did Actress Robyn Griggs Die?

On Saturday, Griggs’ official Facebook page said the following: “Hello everyone, I am devastated to share the news of Robyn’s demise.

She would, however, like us to keep in mind that she is no longer in pain and the pleasant recollections. I’ll never forget how willing she was to share her experience with me and how welcoming she was of my assistance.

In order to accomplish so, she wished to share her tale and aid others. I felt privileged to do so. My friend, you will be missed and will always make me smile.

Robyn Griggs Cause of death

Robyn Griggs, an actress, died after a protracted battle with cancer.

Griggs stated in 2020 that she had cervical cancer in stage 4, and on August 13, 2022, she passed away from the condition.

Who was Robyn Griggs?

Griggs, who was born in Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania, started her acting career as a young child when she portrayed Molly in the film Annie and served as the host of the Nickelodeon children’s program Rated K.

She rose to fame most notably for her performances as Stephanie Hobart on One Life to Live, for which she was nominated for a Young Artist Award, and as Maggie Cory on Another World.

Griggs stated on the program Hard Copy that her firing from Another World in 1995 was due to her friendship with John Wayne Bobbitt, who she said was only a buddy, despite the fact that the role’s producers said they were going on a different path.

Robyn Griggs early life and career

Pennsylvania is where the actress was born and reared. She made her acting debut at age 3 in a staging of A Doll House by Henrik Ibsen. After taking singing lessons, she was cast as Molly in the Broadway version of Annie. When she was just 13 years old, she later performed the show’s lead role in off-Broadway productions.

She portrayed Stephanie Hobart on OLTL from 1991 to 1992. Then, from 1993 to 1995, she portrayed Maggie Cory on AW. Griggs left Bay City and inked a contract with RCA Records. She took a break from acting to spend more time with her loved ones.

In the 2001 horror films Abattoir, Ghost Tour, and Minds of Terror, Griggs made a comeback as an actor. Following Demon Hunters were Aberration Boulevard, Dead Clowns, Severe Injuries, The Absence of Light, and Dead Planet. Griggs portrayed Crazy Scream Queen in Joey Hollywood’s Movie Night 2 in 2015.

The updates by Robyn Griggs

In a Fireside Chat with Soap Hub a little more than a year ago, Robyn Griggs discussed her profession and spoke up about her ongoing struggle with stage 4 endocervical adeno cancer, which was found following a routine pap test.

Griggs posted an update on her Facebook page on July 7. She added, “Unfortunately, I have four new tumors: two on my liver, one on my stomach muscle, and a massive one on my right side lymph node. I will undergo chemotherapy on Monday am while in discomfort. I proclaimed that I will fight no matter what. I’ll feel awful—very uncomfortable, queasy, etc.—but who knows? Maybe it may help with the discomfort. You can’t be sure. Please continue to offer up prayers.

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Hugs to everyone!

How Did Actress Robyn Griggs Die? Cause of death explained
How Did Actress Robyn Griggs Die? Cause of death explained

“It is with tremendous regret that we convey the news from Robyn’s Father that Robyn will enter hospice care today or tomorrow,” read a post that was posted on Robyn Griggs’ social media profile on August 11. She has battled with a spirit of inspiration-level tenacity, grace, and strength. In this terrible time, Soap Hub extends its profound condolences to Griggs’s family, friends, and loved ones.

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