How did Actress Cláudia Jimenez die? Cause of death Explained

Claudia Jimenez, an actress, and comedian, died on Saturday morning, March 20, at the age of 63. She was admitted to the Samaritano hospital in Rio de Janeiro’s south.

How did Actress Cláudia Jimenez die?

Claudia Jimenez, an actress and comedian, died on March 20th, at the age of 63. She was taken to the Samaritano hospital in the south of Rio de Janeiro.

The cause of death has yet to be determined. The family did not authorize it, according to the hospital. The wake will take place this Saturday, from 12:00 to 16:30, in the Celestial Hall of the Carmo Memorial in Caju, central Rio de Janeiro. The data comes from G1.

Cláudia Jimenez Cause of death

Claudia went to the doctor in 1986 for treatment for a chronic cough, and the doctor discovered a cancerous growth in her mediastinum (the area behind the heart). It eventually became disheartened.

The actress’ condition was cured with the help of Chico Anysio, and the diagnosis was incorrect. However, as a result of the radiotherapy treatments, she developed another health problem.

According to doctors, the treatment may have harmed her cardiac tissues, forcing her to undergo at least three surgeries over the next few years.

Claudia Jimenez died as a result of the impact on heart tissues caused by radiotherapy treatments.

Who is Cláudia Jimenez?

Cláudia Jimenez (born November 18, 1958, in Rio de Janeiro) is a Brazilian television, film, and theatre actress.

Claudia Maria Patitucci Jimenez was born in 1958 in Barra da Tijuca, Rio de Janeiro, to a tango singer, a traveling salesman, and a coconut candy wrapper.

She took the Normal Course, specializing in nursery and kindergarten, and she was already involved in amateur theatre in her youth.

Career of Cláudia Jimenez

Her professional theatre debut was in 1978, in Chico Buarque’s play “Opera do Malandro,” in which she played the prostitute Mimi Bibelot.

Director Mauricio Sherman introduced her to TV Globo.

Claudia took part in the launch of Jô Soares’ program “Viva o Gordo” in the 1980s, and played the insatiable Puritywife of Apollo, of the staff “I still die from it!” in “Chico City.”

“Purity was only thinking about having sex,” Claudia recalled in an interview with “Folha de S.Paulo.”

Claudia Jimenez portrayed the outspoken and prominent Dona Cacilda, a student at the “Escolinha do Professor Raimundo” with the “professor” Chico Anysio, beginning in 1990. She emblazoned another slogan with Cacilda: “Beijinho, beijinho, pau, pau.”

Claudia keeps Cacilda in her heart, she recalled in 2014. “It wasn’t even for the character; it was for what I was living in there.” “It’s been six years of laughter,” he said.

What happened to Claudia?

Claudia had cancer treatment throughout her life. According to G1, the actress discovered a cancerous growth beneath her heart in 1986 after visiting a doctor about a persistent cough. The radiation therapy procedure was unpleasant and difficult.

Unfortunately, Claudia developed additional health issues as a result of her treatment, which, according to the same medical professionals, had an effect on the tissues in her heart.

Claudia has had three additional surgeries as a result of this condition: the first was in 1999 to implant five cardiac bypasses.

The second was in 2012 when he underwent surgery to replace his natural aortic valve with a synthetic one.

The third was in 2014 when a pacemaker was implanted.

In an interview, Claudia Jimenez discussed her health situation.

Claudia Jimenez, actress, in an interview with Fantástico in 2014.

In 1999, five bypass surgeries were performed; in 2012, a synthetic aortic valve was installed; and in 2014, a pacemaker was implanted.

“‘Oh, terrible radiation!’ I scream at my doctor.” But wouldn’t you have stayed up there for a while if it hadn’t been for her? He goes on.

Claudia told “Fantástico” in 2014, months after the procedure, “And it’s true, I mean, we always have to thank you instead of moaning.”

“Maturity enhances your physical appearance.” I’m occasionally aware that I’m not cool, so I look for things to make me feel cool. “Oh, how delicate you are,” some people have said to me.

How did Actress Cláudia Jimenez die? Cause of death Explained
How did Actress Cláudia Jimenez die? Cause of death Explained

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“Fragile?” I retort. I am the toughest person I know. “Let’s replace the aortic valve,” they say to me. “All right, let’s go,” I say. We’ll do five bypasses. ‘All right, let’s get started.’ Insert the pacemaker. ‘OK’.
“I’ll do anything to stay here,” he declared.

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