How Did Actor Viktor Zozulin Die? Cause of death Explained

Viktor Zozulin, a Russian People’s Artist, passed away in Moscow. Age-wise, he was 77. According to RIA Novosti, the actor’s death was reported in relation to the Vakhtangov Theater.

How Did Actor Viktor Zozulin Die?

A well-known Russian Actor Viktor Zozulin passed away at age 78.

Operation Y and Other Adventures of Shurik, The Deer King, Battle for Moscow, Solaris, Zucchini 13 Chairs, and many other films and other productions have included the artist.

Today, after a long illness, the brilliant Vakhtangovite, People’s Artist of Russia Viktor Viktorovich Zozulin passed away. He was a master, one of the pillars of the Vakhtangov Theatre, where he served for more than half a century. His creative path was inextricably linked with directors Ruben and Evgeny Simonov, Vladimir Shlezinger, Miroslav Belovich, Arkady Katz, Petr Fomenko, Yuri Lyubimov, Rimas Tuminas

press service of the Vakhtangov Theatre

Numerous audiobooks by Viktor Zozulin that are based on traditional Russian literature have also been produced. picture

Viktor Zozulin cause of death

Viktor Zozulin, a People’s Artist of Russia, passed away at the age of 77, sad news that quickly circulated across the media.

The actor joined the Vakhtangov Theatre right after graduating from the B. Shchukin Theater School, where the tragedy was revealed by the press office. The cause of death is a long illness.

Who was Viktor Zozulin?

In 1965, Viktor Zozulin made his debut in Leonid Gaidai’s film “Operation” Y “and Shurik’s other adventures” – he played the radio engineer Kostya, who helped pass the exams “Oak”. Subsequently, he starred in famous films and TV shows: “I loved you …”, “Solaris”, “The Deer King”, “The Very Last Day”, “We didn’t go through this”, “The Casket of Mary Medici”, “Battle for Moscow”, “Anxious Sunday”, “Tactics of running a long distance”, “Prohindiada, or Running on the spot”, “Artist from Gribov”, “Return of Mukhtar”, etc. In the popular Soviet program “Zucchini 13 chairs”, he played Pan Andrzej.

Coworkers praised Zozulin’s diverse talent, saying that it included “his voice rich in shades, his ability to deeply and discreetly feel the author’s style, and his superb mastery of the word, which was proven by his demand on radio, television, and concerts.”

More than 70 roles in movies have been played by Viktor Zozulin. In the Leonid Gaidai movie “Operation” Y “and other adventures of Shurik,” he made his acting debut. The “Battle for Moscow,” “The Deer King,” and “The Return of Mukhtar” are three more noteworthy projects in which Zozulin is involved.

Viktor Zozulin career

In the Vakhtangov Theatre, where he worked for more than 50 years, he was a Master and one of its cornerstones. Director Ruben and Evgeny Simonov, Vladimir Shlesinger, Miroslav Belovich, Arkady Katz, Petr Fomenko, Yuri Lyubimov, and Rimas Tuminas are all integral parts of his creative process.

Victor Zozulin is known to the public for his work in the performances “Princess Turandot”, “Antony and Cleopatra”, “Richard the Third”, “Cavalry”, “Brest Peace”, “Little Tragedies”, “The Queen of Spades”, “Demons”. He played in the films and TV series “Institute of Noble Maidens”, “The Return of Mukhtar” and others.

Impossible to forget the characters Viktor Zozulin created

  • Timur ( Princess Turandot )
  • Proculeus ( Anthony and Cleopatra ),
  • Sir Richard Ratcliffe ( Richard III ),
  • Mayakovsky ( Cavalry ),
  • Kurchaev ( Enough simplicity in every wise man ),
  • Mariano de Albino (Into the great magic ),
  • Chebakov ( The Marriage of Balzaminov ),
  • Marechal ( Bless you ),
  • Casanova ( The Three Ages of Casanova ),
  • Trotsky ( Brest Peace ),
  • Pyotr Tolstoy ( You are our Sovereign, father … ),
  • Milovzorov ( Guilty Without Guilt ), Don Juan ( Little Tragedies ), Tomsky ( Queen of Spades),
  • Prince Golitsin ( Royal Hunt ),
  • Dance Teacher ( Philistine in the nobility ),
  • Karmazinov ( Demons )

All of them are united by his talent, inspiration, skill, earnest dedication. Viktor Viktorovich had a rare role – a neurasthenic hero, enriched with a brilliant sense of humor, musicality, and temperament.

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He recorded audio books

How Did Actor Viktor Zozulin Die? Cause of death Explained
How Did Actor Viktor Zozulin Die? Cause of death Explained

Bunin I. A. “Antonov apples”, “In the dark sea”; Lermontov M.Yu. Favorites (Hero of our time, poems); Author’s collection by V. Mayakovsky “Tamara and the Demon. A cloud in pants. Flute – spine, etc. “; Pasternak B. L. “Poetry”; Turgenev I. S. “Date. Poems in prose»; Chekhov A.P. “House with mezzanine. Ionych”, “Lady with a Dog”, M. Bulgakov “The Master and Margarita”, etc. For the reading cycle of V. Lavrov’s books “Count Orlov – the Genius of Investigation”, he was awarded the Ministry of Internal Affairs Prize.

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