How did Actor Enzo Garinei die? Cause of death

The actor Enzo Garinei, brother of Pietro (of the ‘firm’ Garinei-Giovannini) has died. He was 96 years old and behind a long career in theater and cinema where he also worked as a voice actor.

In his lengthy career, Enzo Garinei has produced more than seventy motion pictures and has spent fifty years performing on Italian stages in plays like “Alleluja brava gente” and “Add a seat at the table.”

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How did Enzo Garinei die?

Enzo Garinei, an actor and voice actor, has passed away. He was the brother of the dramatist Pietro Garinei. Age-wise, he was 96.

In the course of his extensive career, he has performed in more than 70 films, on television, on stage, and as an interpreter of some of his brother’s works, including “Add a seat at the table,” “Heaven my spouse,” and “Alleluja good people.”

He returned to the road with the revised version of “Add a seat at the table” in the theatre seasons of 2017–2018 and 2019–2020, performing “the voice of God” live and winning the public’s admiration. “Tot le Mok” made its premiere on the big screen in 1949. He voiced Stan Laurel (Laurel) in some comedy and movies as a voice actor.

Who was Enzo Garinei?

He was born in Rome on May 4, 1926, and in his early twenties made his acting debut in Signorinella before moving on to Tot le Mok. With Prince De Curtis, he acted in numerous character roles under the direction of Mario Mattioli, Mario Monicelli, and Camillo Mastrocinque. Tot was a fantastic teacher for the young actor; “I learnt all comedy times from him,” he remarked.

Garinei has always accompanied the theatrical career, particularly in musical comedies, to the film and television one (he appeared alongside Delia Scala and Gerry Scotti in the television series Me and the mother as well as certain episodes of Don Matteo). Only two years ago, he went back on the road with the updated version of Add a place at the table with Gianluca Guidi, performing live interpretations of “the voice of God” and winning the audience’s sincere acclaim.

However, as a result of his work as a voice actor, the public is familiar with his voice. Probably George Jefferson from the sitcom I Jefferson, played by Sherman Hemsley, is the most well-known character he voiced (1975-1985). Additionally, he dubbed Stan Laurel in some comedies and movies after the original, historically Alberto Sordi. He received the special “Alberto Sordi” Leggio d’oro award in July 2009.

Enzo Garinei Career

Along with Gianluca Guidi, Lorenza Mario, and Marisa Laurito, he was a protagonist in the films Let’s Make Love (2008) and Add a Place at the Table (2009) in 2008 and 2009, respectively.

He returned on tour with the new edition of Add a seat at the table in the 2017–2018 theatrical season and once more (at the age of 94), interpreting live “the voice of God” and winning praise and admiration from the audience.

Up until 2008, he occasionally worked as a voice actor.

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Enzo Garinei, the master who teaches the art of smiling

When Maurizio Costanzo welcomes performers who are somewhat elderly, he frequently emphasises the idea that “the theatre prolong life.” Who better than him can embody, with the strength of his 96 years so vibrant, the belief that the love of the stage ensures a healthy longevity? Recently, Enzo Garinei, a pillar of the magnificent theatre, visited him.

The pearls of wisdom that the registry permits him to share are marked by a very humble demeanour and by the understanding that a person’s duty is to provide joy to others around him.

Autobiography of Enzo Garinei

This 1926 autobiography, which I was there for, was necessary. In order to ensure that the mills of memories were running, a scholar like Laura De Luca was required. Enzo Garinei: the protagonism of the character actor (Armando Editore). Since he was a little child, his ambition for the theatre had consumed him, just as it had his brother Pietro, who, along with Sandro Giovannini, would have founded G&G, or the most amazing group in musical comedy.

How did Actor Enzo Garinei die? Cause of death Explained
How did Actor Enzo Garinei die? Cause of death Explained

The reaffirmations of Enzo’s talent have occurred from the 1940s to the present, with the cinematic encounters with the Prince de Curtis and the eternal return of Add a place at the table, whose most recent editions immortalise him as the Voice of God, respectively.

Decades of encounters with the greatest have been saved for Gino Bramieri, with whom they had interchangeably played comic roles despite Gino being the lead actor. Since Enzo has always been in a supporting role, it would be foolish to ignore that the character actor is “the frosting, the bit of chocolate in the cream that embellishes, diversifies, and… describes everything.”

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