How did Actor Civan Canova die? Cause of death Explained

The actor Esra Dermancolu shared the tragic news of Civan Canova’s passing on Instagram. “My friend, we lost the kindest person in this world who impacted me the most. Baby, let Civan wander in peace. Maybe someday, someplace, we’ll cross paths again. It is recent news. I wanted to tell your loved ones and supporters here about it.

How did Actor Civan Canova die?

Civan Canova’s passing was revealed by actress Esra Dermancolu. The well-known actor was receiving treatment at the hospital when it became known that he had been battling the lung tumour for some time. On social media, a lot of messages from the artistic world started to circulate.

The crowd started looking for explanations for Civan Canova’s death, including what type of cancer he had and what his condition was. Therefore, who is Civan Canova, how old he is, where he is from, and what movies and TV shows does he appear in? Here are the solutions.

Actor Civan Canova cause of death

His lung was found to have a mass.

Canova posted from the hospital two weeks ago using the following phrases:

The news I’m about to deliver to you is not good, yet I feel compelled to do so. In 2014, it all began as I walked around Gümüşlük Beach. My left wrist underwent surgery to eliminate bone death. I accidentally trod on a black dog on the way to the cafe. I was knocked to the ground when the animal sprung up. There, tendon ruptures, muscle withering, and bone death took place.

You need a prosthetic, the doctor remarked after ordering an MRI. I neglected it because I didn’t want it. I started experiencing excruciating pain about 2.5 to 3 months ago. sufficient to keep you up at night. I arrived at the hospital for an MRI. They informed me that I require an arm prosthesis. The second proposal, however, now includes it. when it was discovered that there was an unidentified lump on a chest x-ray. I’ve spent the last 15 days in the hospital. I have my family with me. They will soon be released from the hospital.

Who was Actor Civan Canova?

Ahmet Civan Canova, an actor who has appeared in theatre, film, and television shows, was born on June 28, 1955, in Ankara.

Canova began her playing career in the State Theater in 1979, and since the 1990s, she has been recognised for writing plays for the stage.

The artist, who has starred in numerous TV shows and motion pictures, was recognised with two awards: the Most Successful Actor of the Year at the Afife Theater Awards in 2011 for his performance in the play “Bury the Dead,” and the Golden Orange Best Supporting Actor Award in 2006 for his portrayal of the torturer in the film “Homecoming.” He was rewarded.

Civan Canova wiki

He was born in Ankara in 1955. His mother is Gündüz Sencer, while his father is the theatre performer Mahir Canova. When he was a little child, his parents divorced, and his grandmother reared him. With the actress Kartal Tibet, her mother tied the knot for a second time.

He played minor roles in Radio Children’s Hour at Ankara Radio throughout his elementary school years. The programme was directed by his father. Kartal Tibet, his stepfather, first took him to a movie set. He attended TED Ankara College as a boarder after finishing elementary school.

Civan Canova career

He began performing in Ylmaz Güney’s film Friends in the summer of 1974, as he was preparing for the conservatory exams, after earning his degree from Ankara College in 1973. She enrolled in the theatre department of the Ankara State Conservatory in the same year. He appeared in the 1977 film Nehir, which was directed by Erif Gören, while still a student.

He earned his degree from the Conservatory in 1979, joined the State Theatre staff, and began performing in numerous productions while working there. The artist has performed both on stage and in films. He frequently appeared in movies as a young, pampered child, rapist, and other roles.

Civan Canova best writings

In 1989, he began writing for the first time by penning a script for the film Blind Meeting. The Ministry of Culture’s scriptwriting competition featured this script among the top 10 entries. Apocalypse Waters, his debut play, was written by him in 1994.

Kenan Işk directed this play, and Smet Küntay and Avni Dilligil were given prizes for best writers and best theatre writers, respectively. After writing Infrared Light, he composed Curfew, his third play, in which he hilariously depicted a day spent by hotel guests who were unable to leave on a census day. With this play, he was given the Cevdet Kudret Literature Award. In 1998, he wed the artist Açelya Akkoyun; they divorced in 2004.

In 1996, Canova penned the Bizim Aile television series’ script and played the character of Ataç. In the Flower Taxi television series, he portrayed Artist Celal, and in the Shattered television series, Rahmi Gürpnar.

Civan Canova acting career

For his performance as the torturer cop in the film “Eve Return,” he earned the Golden Orange Best Supporting Actor Award at the 43rd Golden Orange Film Festival in 2006, as well as the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 12th Sadri Alşk Cinema and Theater Actor Awards. He gave it to Lyas Salman, who portrayed Friday in the motion picture Sis and Night.

As she continued to perform at the Istanbul State Theaters, Canova won the Most Successful Musical of the Year award at the 5th Afife Theater Awards for her work in Cactus Flower and the Most Successful Actor of the Year award at the 2nd Afife Theater Awards (1998) for her performance in the play Bir Spy Lament.

Additionally, he was considered for the Comedy Actor Award (2001). He received the Most Successful Actor of the Year Award from the Afife Theater Awards in 2011 for his performance in Bury the Dead.

Canova launched a painting exhibition at the Bitiatro in Beyolu, Istanbul in 2017 and the Teşvikiye Erinç Art Gallery in 2016, both of which dealt with the art of painting.

Civan Canova awards

  • Award for Best Script given to Kör Buluşma in 1989 by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism
  • Kyamet Sularnda won the Best Playwright Award at the 1994 Smet Küntay Awards.
  • Kyamet Sularnda won the Best Playwright Award at the 1996 Avni Dilligil Awards.
  • 1997 Cevdet Kudret Literature Awards: Sokaa kma Yasa won Best Play.
  • Sokaa kma Yasa won the Best Playwright Award at the 2000 Avni Dilligil Awards.
  • 2006’s 43rd Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival: Eve Dönüş wins Best Supporting Actor.
  • Best Supporting Actor Award for Eve Dönüş at the 12th Sadri Alşk Awards in 2007
  • Bury the Dead won the Most Successful Supporting Actor of the Year Award at the 15th Afife Theatre Awards.

Civan Canova movies

  • Arkadaş
  • Nehir
  • Yaşamak Bu Değil
  • Mutlu Ol Yeter
  • Berduşlar
  • Yıkılan Gurur 
  • Hırsız 
  • Acı Lokma
  • Sokaktaki Adam
  • 80. Adım
  • Sır
  • Ömerçip
  • Eve Dönüş
  • 72. Koğuş
  • F Tipi

Actor Civan Canova Tv Shows

How did Actor Civan Canova die? Cause of death Explained
How did Actor Civan Canova die? Cause of death Explained
  • Yalancı Şafak
  • Bizim Aile
  • Çiçek Taksi
  • Gece Yürüyüşü 
  • Çeşm-i Bülbül
  • Esir Kalpler
  • Arka Sokaklar
  • Eksik Etek
  • Sınıf 
  • Ay Işığı
  • Sensiz Yaşayamam
  • Fatmagül’ün Suçu Ne?
  • Karadayı
  • Her Sevda Bir Veda
  • Paramparça
  • Atiye
  • Üç Kuruş

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